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TSO Announcement - New Government

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1. The Commanders:




2. The Security Council:






3. Directors:

Defense: Anakey

Internal Operations: Micky Jo Harte

Finance & Supply Management: Skingrad, gonefishin

Armament: SunnyInc

Foreign Affairs: Italgria

Head of the Grand Oblivion University: watchman

More announcements & policy changes will be announced soon!

Have a nice night everyone.

o/ TSO

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I believe the fresh names you see on this list of government personnel shows 2 things:

Depth of Talent. TSO has some of the most experienced, talented, and capable leaders on Planet Bob. We do not depend on the efforts or knowledge of just one or two people. Instead, we all depend on one another.

Dynamic Leadership Rotation. With new leadership comes new styles, new ideas, and new methods. Over the past few months, the Oblivion has replaced all three original commanders. While this would be traumatic for some alliances, I believe this has made us stronger. A rotation of new leaders keeps leadership active and relevant.

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Wow.... you and Iggy are both standing down? Wouldn't have expected that.

I believe that we stated one of the goals of forming TSO was to break away from policies of the past. It's time for a new group of leaders to show planet bob what a small group of dedicated friends can accomplish.

o/ our more than capable government

o/ sammy :wub:

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