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Siberian Tiger Alliance Announcement


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Siberian Tiger Alliance Milestone Announcement

I am pleased to announce that the Siberian Tiger Alliance has reached another milestone. For the first time in the alliance's history the alliance has reached the 4 million total nation strength milestone.


Thanks to all in the Siberian Tiger Alliance who have worked hard to ensure the alliance continues to grow as steadily and rapidly as it has done. That includes our recruiters, bank staff and all members who participate in tech dealing within the Siberian Tiger Alliance.

We now turn our attention to the 5 million total nation strength milestone!

Za Sibir'!

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Why is no one remarking on how you got exactly 4M like they did in our thread? :P

I don't know but as goldielax25 stated that VE is close to regaining 6 million strength I think the onus is on VE to continue this trend and hit 6 million exactly. :P

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