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Operation: Raging Storm


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The Oceanic Alliance does not like our allies to be harmed in any way. We are a firm believe in Honor, Pride and Root beer floats. The Ocean is a Violent force, when angered it will sweep up from the calm water and smash a boat to pieces and pulverize coastal cities, we are a force not to be reckoned with, an unending force who will not give up, even at 1 infrastructure. The GGA has attempted to declare war on Athens. Athens are our valiant protectors, we will be by there side in war and peace. As of now, The Oceanic Alliance Recognize ourselves in a state of war with the GGA.

Thank You,

The Oceanic Alliance

Josshill Chancellor of Foreign Seas and Raging Storms

CptBlck Chancellor of Ship Management and Blunt Rolling

Beltazar Secretary of State

DerPrinz Secretary of Ship Management and Teens

Gustavius Secretary of Foreign Seas

Brodeeo Secretary of Communications

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