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An Extraordinary Announcement

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There comes a time in the life of a bloc, especially extraordinary blocs, that they realize they should process through the applicants section in the forums. So all of LEO assembled in the Extraordinary Room and pasted the applications to the drawing board. After many hours of drinking and debauchery we felt we should actually do work. So we decided to blindfold Posta0 and play a game of "Pin The Tail On The Applicants". After many attempts he finally pinned it to an applicant. After careful consideration and many more nights of drunken debauchery, The International has proven that it is Extraordinary enough, barely, to be part of the League of Extraordinary Oranges. So without further ado... the treaty.


League of Extraordinary Oranges

A Commitment to Keeping Orange Extraordinary


By signing this document the signatory alliances make this commitment of Win, Extraordinaryinism and Sean Connery. They do so recognizing that 'Orange Win' is a redundant phrase but hope to keep its redundancy so and add more to this legacy of greatness.

Article I

Signatories hereby recognize the mutual sovereignty of one another and respect this sovereign right to make individual decisions.

Article II

No signatory alliance shall declare war on any other signatory alliance, nor provide aid in any form (money, military, and/or information) to an enemy of a signatory.

Article III

If a signatory is directly attacked, the other signatories are expected to come to the aid of the other through any means possible whether it be militarily, financially and/or by other means.

Article IV

If a signatory makes an aggressive attack the other signatories can choose not to ride with the other signatories only if there's a pretty darn good reason not to.

Article V

Aidz Aidz Aidz spread some moniez!!

Article VI

Signatories of this treaty realize that they are friends with one another and as such will remain kind and courteous because putdowns aren't very nice... Sad!

Article VII

The signatories agree to not tech raid any member of the Orange team. We encourage everyone to not raid Orange as well, though we will not stop others from doing so.

Article VIII

Each signatory alliance shall choose 5 members to be delegates to the Extraordinary Room. These delegates shall collaborate to be the voice of the League of Extraordinary Oranges. On matters pertaining to the League of Extraordinary Oranges, these delegates will discuss and work towards increasing the win factor (and sometimes actual politic stuff, too).

Article IX

Each delegate will be assigned one vote on important matters regarding the League of Extraordinary Oranges and will vote accordingly. Standard majority voting rules apply (whatever they may be that day). All votes will be held on the official Orange Win forums.

Article X

Recognizing the increased corroboration and friendship between the signatories of this treaty. The position of Economic Coordinator is established. This positions will be elected by majority vote to serve a three month term.

The duties of the Economic Coordinator are to:

1. Coordinate tech deals between members of signatory alliances.

2. Coordinate trades between members of signatory alliances.

3. Work with the heads of economic departments of each signatory alliance to increase corroboration between the signatories.

4. To provide a central depository of knowledge about Cybernations.

5. Establish and operate an economic department of LEO.

6. Any other tasks given to him/her by the signatories

Article XI

If an alliance wishes to join, the current signatory alliances must vote in this alliance by a 100% majority from current signatory alliances in order to accept the alliance as a signatory.

Article XII

If a signatory alliance does not follow the rules and guidelines set in this treaty, and it is deemed necessary, said alliance will be brought up for expulsion before the other signatories of this treaty. Said alliance will be given a chance to defend themselves after which it will require a 75% vote in favor of expulsion to expel the signatory. The signatory is given 36 hours until this treaty no longer holds them as a part of this treaty.

Article XIII

If a signatory alliance wishes to leave this treaty they must give all other signatory alliances 48 hours to express their sorrow after which this the treaty will no longer be valid for the signatory wishing to leave. During this 48 hour period the treaty will remain in effect.

Signed by:


MikeTheFirst, President

AvengerNL, Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Divi Filius, Secretary of Internal Affairs

Amicus Curiae, Secretary of Defense

MrCyber, Secretary of Economic Affairs

Majestic Order of Orange Nations

Posta0, Monarch of War

Yawoo, Monarch of Foreign Affairs

Devona, Monarch of Internal Relations

Overlord Shinnra, Interim Monarch of Economics

Tator, Monarch of Membership


Gofastleft, President

Mixoux, Secretary of State

Lu_Ying, Senate

Danielg42, Senate

Viking, Senate

Gorgon the Great, Senate

Riachachi, Senate

Havamil, Senate


bk, chancellor

hawk, chancelor

The International

The Congress of the International

In remembrance:


Hawk, Triumvirate

DemonSpawn, Triumvirate

Suthrnboi17, Triumvirate

DramaFreak08, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Grudgematch, Minister of Internal Affairs

Archers92, Minister of Recruitment

Begovic, Minister of Trade and Finance


bk, Imperial Chancellor

Michael Malone, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Gribs, Minister of Defense

Lord Monkey, Secretary of State

Duke Lansky, Minister of Tech Whoring


Czerwony: President

Aggbeast1: Vice President

AlejandroXV: Minister of Foreign Affairs

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This is amazing.

I am proud to welcome INT into LEO, they are an awesome group of commies and can only add to the strength, friendship, and support of LEO


o/ LEO

o/ true orange unity

o/ a Great Day

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I am sure everyone in the International agrees that we are proud to join our Orange Brothers in this fellowship of alliances. LEO is possibly the most tight-knit group of friends on planet Bob and that is why I feel very honoured that our alliance was accepted into this group and great warmth at my heart for we have consolidated our friendship with some of the greatest and most honourable alliance in Cyberverse. Together we are strong.

o/ LEO

o/ Orange

o/ INT

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about time this was announced!

congratulations to everyone! especially my commie friends!

it was great taking part in the process while i was in INT gov :)


celebratory parades today in the capital of Chania.

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