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/A\nother /A\lliance Treaty Announcement

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/A\nother /A\lliance - Libertarian Socialist Federation



Hello Cybergins! I come to you with something we've been working on for some time now. We've had the pleasure to enjoy the company of Superzorro at /A\/A\. It's with this friendship we based our alliance relations on. We at /A\/A\ prefer to treaty with friends only, not just POWAH. So it's with great pleasure I provide for not only your reading entertainment, but also a word of warning. /A\/A\ and LSF.. we be tight yo... Like locktight tight. We be so tight, we bit hard tight. Like TIGHT. So it's with this "tightness" we decided to perform a pictorial adventure.

Come, follow me.. to the conference room..

Like A Boss Accords



This treaty is signed and agreed upon in a drunken state, between Libertarian Socialist Federation and Another Alliance who both would enjoy watching their children grow old in a safe environment full of lawn darts and lead laced slinkies.

Article 1: Friendship


A) Both parties agree to remain horrible and down right rude towards each other at all times in all public domains and agree to always troll or flame each other. Any disputes shall be handled diplomatically or in the octagon of lubed death.

B) Both parties agree to enter into a state of non aggression for the entire duration of this treaty and agree to never conspire or commits act of espionage against one another.

C) Both parties agree to never give any form of aid to an alliance or individual that the other party is militarily engaged with, unless the sum of aid is $1 and 1 soldier, then it's just down right funny and completely necessary.

D) Both parties are to remain independent of one another at all times and agree to never knowingly interfere in the internal and foreign affairs of one another.

Article 2: Communication


A) Both parties agree to remain in constant communication with one another through the use of their respective forums and IRC channels in order to keep the relationship a strong as a intoxicated 40 year old using enzyte.

B) Both parties agree to share any and all information pertaining to the safety and stability of one another. Any and all information passed shall be kept confidential.

Article 3: Mutual Defense


An attack on either signatory of this treaty shall be treated as an attack on both signatories. All proper retaliatory measures will carried out in due process. This article is subject to a non-chaining clause. Shall any required military assistance be required. A photo of the member making the request will be required, and in hand shall be a alcoholic beverage toasting to a safe and swift battle.


No-chaining clause: If either signatory is attacked due to honoring a military treaty that they share with a foreign alliance, mutual defense is no longer mandatory, but an option. Both alliances advocate enacting the option, but understand that there is the possibility that the other may choose not to enact the option, for whatever reason, and that decision will be supported by the other signatory, regardless.

Article 4: Amendments


Any of the signatories have the right to propose amendments to this treaty, after which both signatories will have to agree before the amendment is taken in effect.

Article 5: Cancellation


This treaty can be canceled at any time, by either signatory. The canceling party must give the other party a 72 hour advance notice of their intent to cancel in private and will remain in effect until this time period elapses. After this 72 hour process is over, the treaty is declared null and void. With that, we shall glare at each other from across the streets with death in our eyes.


/A\nother /A\lliance:

UberSpion - Triumvirate of LULZ

Mundokiir aka Stormsend - Triumvirate of SRSBSNS

shadowduelist aka mak - Triumvirate of Girl Fights

Libertarian Socialist Federation:

Delegates Council of the Libertarian Socialist Federation


"like a boss"

Have a good week Cybergins! And expect an/a (someone throw a english n00b a bone) Easter Surprise from /A\/A\.

UberSpion - Triumvirate of LULZ

Edited by UberSpion
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