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Duke Lansky

Amenthes DoE 2.0

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Team: Aqua

IRC: #Amenthes

Forums: http://amenthes.freeforums.org/


The Judge of Amenthes establishes this Alliance of the underworld, Amenthes, to seek Justice, Tranquility and Power in this new world.


Amenthes welcomes all applicants however reserve the right to deny any application.


The Government shall consist of The Gods in Egyptian Mythology...

The Judge of the Underworld, Anubis. The Protector of the Dead.

He shall have his Intelligentsias

Secretary of State, Ma'at. The Seeker of Truth, Balance and Order.

Minister of Defense, Ammit. The Eater of Hearts.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ra. The Sun everywhere.

Minister of Trade, Aaru. The Material Paradise.

Team Color:

We shall reside in the Aqua sphere, representing Youth, Healing and Protection.


Anything deemed by The Judge as spying, tech raiding or harassment that can be construed as an Act of War will be dealt with politically first. If political action does not bring about the desired resolution it is up to The Judge to decide to go to war or not.

Technology Raiding:

Amenthes permits and approves of the practice of tech/land/money raiding within the following guidelines.

Unaligned Targets

- Approval of Judge or an Intelligentsias

- Team raids (2 or more Amenthes members) are allowed

Aligned Targets

- Approval of Judge or at least 2 Intelligentsias

- Team raids (2 or more Amenthes members) are strictly forbidden

- Alliance must have less than 10 members

- Alliance must have no protectorate

- "Alliance Applicants" are off limits


- Cruise missiles, air strikes, nuclear attacks, and naval attacks are NOT to be used unless your target uses them first.

- Peace offers are to be sent immediately following two ground attacks. If a nation has not become active by the update, it is acceptable to make two more attacks, providing that a new peace offer is sent thereafter.

- Nations which nuke you while you are raiding them are not considered rogue, and will not be pursued beyond the duration of the war or made targets for sanctions because of their choice to nuke.

Any violation of these rules will be dealt with as seen fit by the government.


If a soul in Amenthes wishes to amend any part of this charter/constitution he must bring it to The Judge. The Judge and his Intelligentsias will decide to add it.


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best of luck to yall

edit:sorry i did not realize that athens was going to post their protecterant here

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Protectorate Treaty between Athens and Amenthes


In the interest of Aqua Unity and love, friendship and trust, peace and stability, growth and continued prosperity, do Athens and Amenthes hereby agree, in good faith, to all the articles set out in this treaty of protection.

Article 1: Sovereignty

Both alliances shall remain independent of one another at all times and agree to never knowingly interfere in the internal or foreign affairs of one another.

Article 2: Non Aggression

Both alliances shall enter into a state of non aggression for the entire duration of this treaty and agree to never conspire or commit acts of espionage against one another. Both parties agree to never give any form of assistance or aid to an alliance or individual the other party is militarily engaged with. Any overt or malicious violations of this article may result in immediate termination of these accords by the affected party.

Article 3: Respect

Both alliances shall remain respectful towards one another in all public domains and agree to never troll/flame each others allies. Any disputes shall be settled in a calm and diplomatic manner in private.

Article 4: Intelligence

Both parties agree to share any and all information pertaining to the safety and stability of one another Any information passed shall be kept confidential and not shared with an outside party unless permission is granted to do so.

Article 5: Advisers

Amenthes agrees to accept one government adviser from Athens who will advise and assist where requested or needed.

Article 6: Treaties

Amenthes shall inform and request Athens’s approval when signing treaties with outside signatories. Athens assures Amenthes that this process shall be fair and balanced.

Article 7: Protection

An attack on Amenthes by a foreign alliance or individual shall be seen as an attack on Athens and shall be met with a full response from the Athenian military should diplomacy fail.

Article 8: Offensive War

Should Amenthes wish to pursue an offensive war against a non-signatory alliance, they shall inform Athens of their intentions 48 hours before doing so. Article 7 of this treaty shall be suspended until the conclusion of this war. Failure to notify the Athenian Government of any offensive wars may result in immediate termination of this document.

If requested, and if the war is justified, Athens may participate but have no obligation to do so. Should Athens find it’s self at war, either defensive or offensive, Amenthes is highly encouraged to participate, but have no obligation to do so.

Article 9: Colour Sphere and Senate

Amenthes agrees to reside on the aqua sphere, and will do so by making sure that at least 75% of their membership resides on the aqua sphere and shall also vote for the aqua team senate candidate that is chosen by Athens.

Article 10: Upgrade/Cancellation

This treaty shall be upgraded to an Optional Defense Pact or higher when Amenthes reaches the milestones of 500k TNS or 50 members.

This treaty may be cancelled at any time by either signatory if an article of this document has been violated with no chance of a diplomatic solution or when a signatory feels this treaty has out lived it’s purpose. The cancelling party must give the other party a 96 hour notice of their intent to cancel. This treaty shall remain in effect until this time period elapses at which point it shall be declared officially null and void.

Signed on behalf of Athens

Archon eponymos - Londo Mollari

Archon basileus - Rsoxbronco1

Theorodokos - Jgoods45

Polemarch - The Corrupt Teacher

Agoranomos- Anon

Agoranomos- Dragon

Dikast - an4rk

Dikast- john jalapeno

Didact - Medtech

Hierophant- Hobbies0310

Signed on behalf of Amenthes


The Official Seal of The Judge - AnubisX

The Protectorates of Athens are: the Deck of International Card Experts (DICE), the Oceanic Alliance (OA) and now Amenthes

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Good to see this from our friends over in Athens!

Good luck with the alliance Amenthes!

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Took you long enough there, Jgoods45. ^_^

I'm sure this will be the beginning (or rather, the continuation) of a most amazing relationship.

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Welcome to what I refer to as the Family, Amenthes.

I do love me some Athens.

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Your flag could do with a ninety degree rotation, but good luck and things.

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Congrats on the Protectorate with a fine alliance and welcome to Aqua

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