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Another Another Alliance alliance Announcement


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ProdigyNL has stepped down from his position as triumvir in Another Alliance, and picked me as his replacement. We are grieved to see him go, and I will do all in my power to fill his shoes.

Thank you for your service, Prodigy.

You didn't think I would make a post without a Church of Walford reference, did you? A reading, my children, from the book of Grenval.

And Grenval spoke to the world, saying, "I have looked upon the enemy and scoffed, for they are little more than a puppet. The puppet master, the Red Devil himself, is the true enemy. The puppets I refuse to recognize as anything but the Devil, for so alike are their faces that a child would not recognize the difference if they were mother and father unto him."



Stormsend, Triumvir of Walford

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I'm sad to see ProdigyNL go, and I wish him the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do. It was a pleasure working with him on creating this fine alliance.

I would also like to thank Stormsend aka Mundokiir for accepting the offer. We look forward to seeing many great things come from this very spiritual individual. His brain washing proves to be efficient.

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A sad day for MK. A great day for /A\/A\. Congrats, Stormie.

A glorious day for MK actually. We are now rid of the scum that is the church of walford.

Unexpected. :huh: AirMe now needs to find a new puppet/ toy to play with.

obligatory o/ /A\/A\

Your next my pretty.

I think MK should roll /A\/A\ for recruiting.

AirMe, get on that.

Edit: And then Athens rolls MK, and C&G has to declare on itself. :popcorn:

The monkey flies the pigeon at midnight. I repeat. The monkey flies the pigeon at midnight.

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