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Joint Statement

Mergerberger II

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Joint Statement from the Empire of the Netherlands and the Greater German Empire

This is an Imperial Statement of a recognition of a state of war between the Empire of the Netherlands and the nation of Gebiv. For far too long have our neighbors to the south been a symbol of evil and relentless injustice towards the world and the people of the Netherlands. You aligned yourself with the great scourge that was Nordland, even falling under command of the most hated man in the world, Kaiser Martens. For far too long have you supported our oppression, and opposed our very existence, and so have we remained quiet, patiently waiting for the day to come when we might have our sovereignty as one nation, under the heavens, existing for all eternity. And for all of our existence have we supported the efforts of the people of the world, we seek to make this world a better place to live for all people, not only ourselves. For far too long, Gebiv has supported the oppression of the people, the nonexistence of freedoms. No more.

Now we find ourselves at a state of collapse in the state of Gebiv. Her leaders are no longer fit to rule, and thus they now lay quietly in Gebiv City, ruling an empire on the brink of total collapse. We come to France as liberators from this oppression. And to the leaders of Gebiv, may God have mercy on your soul, for we shall have none.


Empire of the Netherlands,

Emperor Maarten Tromp

The Greater German Empire,

Scolar Visari, Kaiser Des Gross Deutchland Reichs

Commencement of Case Green

It was dark all around, there was frost on the ground, when the Tigers broke free. In the Dutch military headquarters in the city of Besancon, five men poured over maps, reviewing the orders for invasion once again, and for the final time. Once it was concluded, they saluted one another and left the main tent, each one heading to their battalion. Three hundred thousand soldiers and three thousand five hundred tanks sat just outside the city of Bensancon, each one waiting for its chance to move out and fight for its country in the Glorious War. They had been preparing and drilling for this for some time; it was no secret of the massive war that sat just ahead in Europe. Even the tenant workers of the Slavorussian farms knew that soon there would be a war in Western Europe. Tensions had been high for weeks, finally coming to a climax when Emperor of the Netherlands Maarten Tromp claimed he was told to $%&@ himself by a member of the Gebivian government.

The Army broke into five groups, each identical to the others. They consisted of 60,000 soldiers and 700 tanks each, plus numerous transport and other support vehicles. The soldiers were broken down into groups. Five thousand of each consisted of a division of the National Guard. Another twenty five thousand were the 'Assault' division, wearing Shock Trooper armor suits, firing heavy assault rifles. Ten thousand of each soldier group were in the 'Support' division, wearing Combat Engineer suits and having high training in battlefield medicine, as well as the capability of setting up artillery and machine gun positions with incredible efficiency. The final twenty thousand consisted of the 'Reserve' division, which, as its name suggests, was to provide support to those already on the battlefield, and to fill in holes in the battlefield where men had been lost. They are the most agile of the Army, ready to fight in any conditions. Wearing Force Recon Armor and carrying modified pistols, heavy assault rifles, and in some cases sniper rifles to provide support, they were crucial to the war effort. The tanks consisted of three hundred Ogre Main Battle Tanks, 150 Juggernaut Tanks, 100 Razorstorm ATVs, 50 Titan Artillery Pieces, 25 Hind Supergunships, and 75 assorted other forms of armor. They also were supported by 1000 transport vehicles for the soldiers, as well as unmanned robotic probes which had been sent ahead to monitor the current situation.

The Air Force was gathered at a base near Genéva in Switzerland. Consisting of 1,050 planes, it was one of the largest and most powerful air forces in Europe. Five Hundred were to be used for this operation. Like the army, the Air Force of Case Green was to be divided into five divisions, consisting of eighty fighters and twenty bombers. The fighters were made up of 50 F-50 Screaming Banshees, 20 F-60 Hailstorms, and 10 other fighters. The bombers were mostly consistent of GLI-133 Ank'ríat Bombers, as well as a few others.

As the soldiers and armor divisions were given the order to move out, the Air Force divisions screamed overhead. The main battlefront would be in France. The first target was the city of Lyon. Two Air Force divisions roared towards the city, dropping bombs on the area. The orders were to take out major highways so that Gebivian aid could not reach the city before the Dutch forces reached it. Another area that was targeted was a relatively unpopulated commercial section of the city. The orders for this section were to completely annihilate it, leveling every building in the zone specified, but nothing more. Several roads would remain open so that the Dutch forces could easily reach the city from the Northeast. Three Infantry divisions (that's soldiers & armor) moved towards the city.


The second target of the initial invasion was the city of Clermont-Ferrand. One Infantry division moved towards the city, and two air force divisions moved to bomb the city into submission. Here, the air force would employ similar bombing tactics to Lyon. Major roads to other Gebivian cities would be destroyed, and the main commercial district would be completely leveled. Dutch forces remained on Imperial territory for as long as possible before turning south to the city. While some fighting broke out between local police and the Fourth Army, the city surrendered fairly quickly and was brought under Dutch control.


The third target of the initial invasion would be the city of Grenoble. The same tactics as with Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon would be used here. Major roads and highways would be taken out to prevent Gebivian aid from reaching the city, while the Dutch Fifth Army would move through a corridor between the mountains in order to capture the city itself. One air force division was used for Grenoble. Dutch forces had the obstacles of travelling along the main road to the city of Grenoble, as mountains existed on either side, with much wooded area between them. The city was captured fairly quickly as well.


Few planes were lost in the entire operation as it was a surprise attack begun before the declaration of war was issued. Only a fraction of the soldiers and armor commited to the effort were lost, again due to the surprising nature of the attack. The Five Armies were able to advance with relative ease on the cities of Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, and Grenoble, however they knew that a Gebivian counterattack would be imminent and thus began planning defensive positions in the cities. The Support Armies began setting up heavy machine gun nests in stone buildings as well as making fences from barbed wire around defensive positions. The air force sat at Genéve, Switzerland, well in range of any attack made on the cities. SAM units were also accompanying the Five Armies, providing ample defense against any Gebvian air-based counter-attack. Large missiles in the homeland also sat ready to intercept any major Gebivian offensive made to capture any of the cities. The generals made plans for four scenarios, three were if the Gebivian Army launched a counter attack on any of the three cities captured, and the last one was if the enemy dug in and attempted to set up major defensive positions around its remaining defensible territory. They did not plan to cross the alps into Italy, however. That was the job of Germany...

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*Private thoughts of the Imperium's staff*

"So those Dutch !@#$%^&* attack another nation for very little reason other than over a few words and for them honouring their treaties. Spineless cowards didn't even attack until Gebiv was weakened. Cowards."

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Operation Jackboot

Austrian/Italian Borders

The attack Codenamed: Jackboot was launched immediantly. From their fortified positions, the signal was given for the attack to commence. Within moments, artillery began to fire almost in complete unison. NGR Panzerhaubitze 2100s fired their deadly shells into their designated areas with blinding speeds.

These shells used a deadly new explosive. OctaNitroCubane. ONC has a 20-25% greater performance than most modern day military explosives. Therefore, these shells packed a powerful punch against enemy forces in their path of destruction. An estimated four shells a minute would be fired from each individual howitzer, never letting up to give the enemy a breath of fresh air. The next bombardment came from the M270A4 MLRS system. Dozens of rockets equipped with high explosive cluster munitions would fly towards pre-designated targets as well. FAE was also used, to burn the enemy in the forest areas. All artillery units would do a fire and move attack; which, would lesson the chance of anti-artillery attacks upon them.

In the skies, the Airforce flew towards their targets. The first attack came in the form of the GLI-133 Ank'ríat and MB-1 Ghost Strategic Stealth Bomber. The Airforce had deployed one squadron of the Ank'ríat and ten squadrons of the Ghost to handle possible defenses in Italy. Each bomber was escorted by Fighter Aircraft, which would be more than safe enough to safeguard these beautiful aircraft. One Squadron of Ghost's unleashed their payload. Dozens of miniature cruise missiles, which were essentially dummy missiles. This would confuse the Gebiv RADAR systems. Next, the GLI-133s entire internal bomb bays were equipped with HARM missiles. HARM missiles would be used to zoom in on enemy RADAR systems, and wipe them out completely. As the bombers neared the border, the bomb bay doors opened and dozens of Anti-Radiational Missiles were released into the skies. These missiles used their homing equipment to scan the skies for RADAR signatures and zoomed towards them at high speeds. If successful, Gebiv would totally be in the dark and blind to incoming attacks.

The remaining Ghost would unleash their payload of laser guided bombs all long the border regions, causing havoc and death to the enemy. The next attack was to be unleased shortly.

German Infantry, along with support units, would move together in unison at a slow pace. Most of these troops were mountain troops, equipped with portable mortar systems and laser designators, to ensure that they received the best support possible.

Slovenian/Italian Border

Just days before, the German Army had advanced through Slovenia, and they would keep on pushing into Italy itself. Their main goal was to capture the city of Venice and Milan. After capturing those strategic areas, they would head south to completely finish off the failed state. Over two hundred thousand infantry and two thousand tanks pushed into Italy through Slovenia. Supporting this was the typical, assorted Self-Propelled Artillery and MLRS systems. They would do a fire and move operation, making counter-battery operations hard if not impossible.

In the skies, The German Airforce unleashed armageddon. GLI-133 Ank'ríats and MB-1 Ghost Strategic Stealth Bombers unleashed dozens upon dozens of Anti-Radiational Missiles to destroy enemy RADAR systems. Upon doing this, the nation would simply be put in the dark, letting the airforce reign supreme.

The Airforce would also support this advance by bombing enemy roads, railroads and other major fortifications. Helping in this operation would be dozens of super sonic cruise missiles, launched from land bases Silos. They would also target all major communcations and transport areas with massive 1000kg ONC Warheads.

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OOC: Can we post a larger-scale map of these proceedings for reference? /OOC

The Federacion is highly troubled by these events, and has ordered the Ejercito, Fuerza Aerea, and Mandato de Operaciones Especiales to high defensive alert. Our command staffs are reviewing plans to defend our nation should this naked aggression not be halted in time.

Consistent with its continued commitment to human rights, the Federacion declares its borders open to any and all refugees fleeing this offensive campaign, providing of course that they are not foreign agents of sabotage or espionage.

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Private Transmission to the Federacion

There is no need to worry, these forces will not enter space, we've already made sure of that, so long as the enemy does not enter.

Public Announcement

The United Francoist Empire hereby backs these moves by our allies fully. It is time to exorcise Martens ghost from Europe once and for all.

UFE forces will not enter into this war at this time, however, should either of our allies be attacked, you can expect a full response by us and our allies.

Edited by Triyun
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"The government of Confucianism is shocked with these proceedings, and is also concerned about the number of nations from around its region that are actively supporting it. We will begin taking defensive measures to ensure the security of Australasia and Indonesian Waters. We ask all nations currently involved to skirt around this area, since we do not want anyone to use our peaceful waters for a war effort."


Confucianism moves to DefCon 2. Fighter Squadrons 1 - 10 (100 Fighters) are now doing patrol routes around Indonesian waters to counteract military presences in Indonesian waters. Squadrons 11 and 12 are en route to the Maldives. Squadrons 13 - 17 are en route to the Andaman islands. Active reserves are being drawn up, and the National Guard is being called in for service. Commercial airports, already closed with the recent quarantine, are now being taken over by miltiar personnel to shuttle military personnel around its territory.

Bomber Squadrons 1 - 10 are now completely armed. Bomber Squadrons 20 - 25 are hereby being prepped and armed. All radar posts currently constructed are coming online. The Military Command Chain is now activated throughout Confucianist territory, to link all military services into quick communication and absolute efficiency.

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Regarding the recent actions of its allies, the Byzantine Government has declared a course of action, to be taken before any others. And hopefully one that would crush the 'spirit' of the Kaiser and compel the Gebivians to surrender. With that, Operation Haven was initiated.

Receiving orders, bombers and fighters of the 13th and 14th Assault Squadron lifted off their bases somewhere around Salonika and headed off in the direction of the UESR (the UESR Government was notified of this beforehold). The 15th Interceptor Squadron also escorted the fighters and bombers, just in case. They were heading toward a single target, one of symbolic signifiance.

The City of Martenshaven, in Gebiv. The City that bore the hated Kaiser's name. The fortress that must be softened up for the Germans to take. And the Byzantines would help its German allies into cracking this 'fortress'.

In time, the sky above Martenshaven were filled with swarms of fighters and bombers. As these horrified citizens of the city would soon find out, the bombers dropped their payloads into strategic points across the city. Gebivian troop formations, bases, military installations, fortifications, reserves, and warehouses, and anything of military value, were visited upon with bombs and the like. Any Gebivian fighters that tried to resist would be shot out of the sky, any anti-aircraft gun that tried to fight back would be put out of commission. Soon, there were chaos and destruction in the 'Port of Martens'.

With Martenshaven reeling from the attacks, the Germans would certainly have an easier time capturing the City...

(OOC: Malatose, Martenshaven's near Venice. Just giving ya a head's up. ;))

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OOC: Everyone who's using "Classified" posts... You do know that a deterrent's only effective if it's known, right? So classifying your deterrence doesn't work? Watch Dr. Strangelove if you don't believe me.

OOC: All warfare is based on deception, and they are attempting to stay relatively under the radar while at the same time preparing for conflict.

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OOC: For my one and only post for the next 1.5 weeks.. also, keep in mind this is IC and has nothing to do with how I feel about you OOC =P

IC: Privately, General Hayley let out a burst of laughter. "Those mentally-challenged idiots have the world around their fingers, eh, John?" "Hah, I can't believe how low the world has become.." They both put down their cigars and calmed themselves, still holding back a few chuckles. "Well, as long as they don't set foot in Africa it's not our problem, eh?" "John, never wait until it's your turn to speak out. Then there'll be nobody left." "..Edward--" "John, listen to me. Sooner or later, they're coming here. We're going to have to stop them. The PAC is a sham. Wighton seems to forget that we let them in even though we shouldn't have and are completely in-line with those UFE nutjobs, and they're using it to their advantage. Naboo is our friend but not our ally. The Imperium is a puppet, as is the Grand Army of Europe and pretty much all of Asia. North America is firmly allied with Triyun, what's left? Two countries in South America, Australia and Africa. They already tried Australia.. it's us or South America."

"Edward, you can't believe-"

"John, if I have to detonate nukes on my own damn nation to keep those mouth-breathers from running my country, I will. You have no idea."

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That will not protect you from Europeans, I mean look at what happened to me, those Dutch sons of !@#$%*es killed all my people!

We find your people to be quite paranoid. The Dutch are not after the people of the Amerikanisches Reich, and if they are then they will have to go through both Tahoe and us in order to get to them. They are protected.

Additionally, Rebel Virginia finds itself supporting the Dutch and the Germans. We can only hope that the terrorist state of Gebiv falls very quickly.

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**Public Transmission**

While not desiring war we will back up our Allies the moment a single Francoist Soldier dies hell will be unleashed upon the ones responsible.

Timor laughs at the hypocrisy of this statement. We thought the Imperial Union was a better sort of nation? Perhaps we were wrong.

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"Remember phyrric victories?"


That was all that Mannelig would say to the enemies before the counterattacks were launched.

The first thing that the enemy would notice would be rather big fireworks. Mannelig had ordered his Bandkanon Artillery to move forwards and use their Nuclear Shells onto the primary enemy formations. Once that Lyon had been invaded by a reasonable amount of ground forces, the first shell was shot and hit, wiping out the entire city and the entire forces there - and irradiating any neighbouring invader forces badly enough to die in a while. The EMP part of the nuke additionally fried a number of aircraft while they were still on the air, even if they were not hit directly by the blast.

The same was repeated for Clermont-Ferrand and Grenoble, resulting in massive enemy and own casualties. The Bandkanon was a cheap artillery piece, but was suitable for launching Nuclear Shells, with its velocity and range, and its imperviousness against SDIs, they gave the foes no chance. The Five Armies that were mentioned, were simply put, no more, save from a few survivors and from a few who were too poisoned by radiation to be of much use. This was probably not what the enemy would have expected.

In the alps, the enemy had commited the mistake of relying on modern information systems too much, the enemy knew they were coming. From the other side of the alps, a massive 813mm Artillery Gun was also present, and would not be seen until it was too late. It would also shoot a nuclear shell, but this one would be much, much more powerful, perhaps the most powerful nuke used before short of Tsar Bomba. Approximately, the center of the German Ranks were reached, producing an effect that either directly destroyed or at least irradiated almost the totality of the invasion forces, also knocking down airforce elements.

That was not all. Upon Martens being condemned right after the German Leader had pretended to like him, people in Germany were disturbed. (Though, I won't say what happens from that as it'd be modding)

Separately, terrorists cells were activated through several water reservoirs, including the Berlin reservoir, and contaminated these with the Bubonic Plague, Tularemia and Salmonella, however this would not be known until it had already started to kick in, and people started to fall ill. Suicidal bombings were also common, and in 3 cases, soldiers directly betrayed and sabotaged their own units, causing "friendly fire" so to speak.

The Italians also replied with cruise missiles, those missiles were carrying Neurotoxic Agents and were aimed for just about the biggest concentration of leftover troops that could be seen. The Gebivian Airforce made its show, and focused in one single massive battlegroup, which would sweep over to fight the Germans first while they were still in confusion, bombers dispatching any surviving troops.

The Italians had also adopted a Scorched Earth policy, as any enemies woudl gain terrain, they'd find that everything had been destroyed: water systems, phone systems, electrical systems, hospitals burnt down, there would be nothing, nothing at all that would be usable whatsoever as they pushed. The entire population had been armed with a home-made version of the AK-47, a number of grenades, and they had also been given a Kevlar vest and a helmet, the entire population would be their enemy. The Regular Army Units were scattered in small compact groups, so that there'd be no way that the enemy would be able to round them up and kill them all.

Some frontline elite units which were lucky enough to have Radiation Protection would rush with Panzers and Infantry the areas close to the Nuclear Blasts, taking out any enemies they may find while the confusion was still there.

"We've got plenty more from where this is comin' from. May I suggest for you to surrender?"


The Gebivian Navy was also around, and moved mostly over to Coastal Positions from which it could annoy the incoming armies with further rockets. They wanted a war, but they got hell. And it was just the beginning.

"I suggest to the rest of the Free World to either join in this war to help us, or otherwise to invest in heavy fortifications, as they will, eventually, go after a number of you, unless you're subserviently obedient. Take care, enjoy the show, Heil Wodan, Forza Italia."

Edited by Kaiser Martens
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OOC: 813mm Gun?

Please tell me, how that works? What's the tech behind it? Because of all the military technology I've studied, I don't think such a thing is feasable. But if you explain to me with sources, I'd greatly "accept" it. I'd also appreciate if you didn't RPing for my own soldiers. Kthx

Edited by Malatose
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OOC: You've never heard of the tactical nuclear weapons that America developed? Thou must doest thou researchest.

IC: Confucianism is shocked by the use of nuclear weapons in the European Theatre to kill innocent civilians, and will consult with its allies for an apropriate course of action.

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