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A Joint Oceanic Alliance - Enigma Announcment


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We where sitting on skype way to often.. Throwing this idea around way to often. So We decided to finally do it. I think this will be an awesome alliance, Oceanic and Enigma have worked together since we where young alliances fighting rouges, Hopefully we will continue working together.

A Sea Goers Enigma

I. Around the Fire

The Sea goers where sitting around the fire and telling old stories when some mysterious men come and sat down. The men told the Sea goers an enigma, a dark prophecy that ended up saving the ten sea goers life's. Later, in port the Sea goers saw the strange men being attacked, so the sea goers rushed to there aid and helped them. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship


The mysterious men and the Sea goers have an understanding between each other to share any information in which may be vital to the others needs.

III.The Pirates and Bad people

If the Mysterious men or the Sea goers are attacked either side may choose to help protect the others. If the Pirates attempt to attack the sea goers the Mysterious men must show up and help the Sea goers, and if the Bad people who don't like the Mysterious men try to hurt the mysterious men, the sea goers will be there to fight along side the Mysterious men.

IV.Best Friends

The Sea goers and Mysterious men are best friends, they will not tell dirty lies or say mean things about each other or act like teenage high school girls. If either of them have a problem with each other they will talk to each other and resolve the problem privately. Not have a big screaming match in public.

V.Fixing the Friendship

If either the Mysterious men or the Sea goers have a problem with there friendship, they are able to communicate and fix the problem with this document.

VI.Spreading apart

If the Mysterious men or the Sea goers decide to leave each other and break there friendship, then they must publicly give the other partner 72 hour notice before this document is voided.

Written by: Josshill

Signed for the Oceanic Alliance By:

Josshill - Emperor Of the Oceanic Alliance

DerPrinz - Regent of the Oceanic Alliance

Guapo Rico - Regent of the Oceanic alliance

Rude Empire - Regent of the Oceanic Alliance

Signed for Enigma by:

MagicNinja - Emperor of Enigma

King_Neptune - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Rustyleg25 Minister of Defense

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We've hunted rogues with Enigma before - it makes for an excellent time. It's good to see this treaty in effect.

It is fun :)

Not bad for a homeboy from the barrio eh ese?

I'm sure this will lead to better things in the future.

We should make a clause about racial jokes lol :)

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