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Time to move on with life.


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Why hello there.

I really suck at saying goodbye. However, I'll try my best today. I assume this is where this goes... everyone else does it here after all.

On February 9, 2008 - my journey began.

On February 15, 2009 - my journey will end.

You may or may not know me, but I frequent around here. I feel its rude to just get up and leave without saying a proper goodbye to all the alliances and people I've impacted with my kindness, respect and lulzyness. This is that proper goodbye. I am leaving because a thing called RL and the situation for me is growing worse and worse everyday. I need to refocus my time and energy on RL.

I've experienced many things in my time here. I've had a jealous ex-wife delete a nation of mine. I've had CN friends stab in the back. I've been in numerous alliances in my year here. I've made more friends than I can truly possibly imagine. Valhalla for 6 months, where I fought in the 1V-GATO war, Continuum-NoV war and even in the Continuum-BLEU war. I was in United Purple Nations for 3 months, where I first started my CN political life as UPN's Minister of Defense for roughly 1 month, during the Continuum-BLEU war. My only regret was voting yes and having my name on the official DoW on Vanguard in the Legion-Universalis conflict. After UPN, I joined DefCon, where I was immediately named to the Triumvirate. It was a harsh job and required quite a bit of my time. I stood as long as I could before I had to stop. I joined Greenland Republic for 10 days, unsure and in an identity crisis, "where should I go?" and various other questions were raised in my mind. After leaving GR, I joined a few friends at Zenith, where I stayed for 6 days until my departure and walked the road to deletion. It was fun experience and than you for that experience, from NPO to Vox, you were all part of the interesting experience - so thanks for never giving a dull moment. As for my nation, it will go inactive until Feb 15, when I'll pay taxes, get out of peace mode and delete.

That wasn't too bad, if I do say so myself... >_>

Now for the shoutouts, the following have been my inspiration and people I've looked up to.

Titinius - You were my CN big brother and thank you for being there when I needed you. Keep the Maka's memory alive.

ProdigyNL - Another I consider to be a big brother, thank you for being there as well.

Kryievla - You were my CN big sister and thank you for all that you did, you are truly one of the best CN has to offer.

Mad_Scotsman - I saw you more of a CN father-figure to me, thank you for helping me all the way.

Lysdexia - Like M_S, I saw you more of a CN mother-figure to me, thank you for caring for me.

chefjoe, Pansy, Levi, Sky, Tronix - Thank you for helping me grow and mature in CN, thank you so much.

Altheus - You started one of the best alliances in this game. UPN's impact on me has been of epic proportions.

Hans - I gave you a shout out, no nice words or sappy stuff for you. Thank you though.

Divine Proportion - DP, you are the best UPN has to offer. Never lose that special something about you. Thank you.

Bones Malone - Bones, you were a great friend. Thank you for listening and the talks we had.

shadawg/sha the merciless - Most likely the most awesomest deputy I've ever had. If it wasn't for you, I would've given up. Thanks.

Sareya - Please don't hurt me shout outting you. Despite a few qualms I had with you when I was UPN MoD, I respected your decision and actions. Thank you.

psyopper, Ragwing, MoonDog - Keep on bein' :awesome: and don't ever lose that!

Yossarian - Thanks for being one of the best deputies I've ever had.

Dealmaster13, Codopia - Thank you for being quite the :awesome: fellows.

Mia - Thanks for being there when I had my ups and downs. I'll most certainly miss you.

Duncan King - Thank you for harboring me for a week, I'm sorry if I put you in a bad position.

Metictype - We'll still be friends even off CN, but well -- a shoutout anyways. :awesome:

Skippy - Thank you for providing me many lulz in my short week with Zenith. I really needed it in that difficult time.

Drai - Thanks for putting up with me. I know I can be fairly obnoxious sometimes. It was nice getting to know you.

Virillus - Same as Drai essentially, thank you for standing behind me and helping me get used to GR.

Desperado - Thank you for listening and helping me out in so many occasions.

There are countless upon countless of friends and people I have not mentioned and that I've appreciated along the way. Thank you to all of CN for a great time.

With that, I bid you adieu.

- Maligore of Endscape

(Yes, this is officially goodbye and no, I won't return - don't bother with that meme.)

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Well, I really don't know you . . . But I do know some of the people whom you mentioned. So In a way...we could be "family". :lol:

I just wanted to say that you have quite the Resume, and I'm sad to see someone who is/was so darn active....is leaving CN. :unsure:

RL can be a pain in the $@!, trust me I know. I wish you luck with whatever your having problems with, and hope it is resolved soon. Also, I wish you come back to CN in the future, and maybe we could actually 'get to know' one and other. :lol:

Good Luck, Your obviously going to be missed.


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Good luck Maka :lol: .

Hey there is a guy in upn tells me he plays 10 minutes every 10 days. :P. Maybe you should just do that for the time being until real life is calm, I don't know.

makamakamakamakamakamakamakamaka they are releasing him to real life. :lol:

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Best of luck to you RL, maybe someday you will return :)

Weird that someone would actually use Daddy Yankee as their avatar lol :D, Anyway Goodbye Maligore, I am sad to see you leave :( , Good luck out there :blush:

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