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    Yeah... uhhh Cybernations........... just Cybernations...

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  1. That profile picture you have looks strangely familiar!

  2. Did you use to be a mod? :)

  3. You're very welcome!

  4. that meant to say nice :/

  5. oooh :) thanks for that, I've got a nive colourful wave background now!

  6. Go to "Edit my profile" then down the left side find "Profile Customization"

  7. we be approaching 12 mother******!

  8. wait a minute, how did you manage to get a fancy background on your profile page? >:(

  9. lol I have to pay my bills before I can spy yours

  10. It's so much more fun to just waste $400k and spy it :D

  11. Lol, the morning I get on and start spamming, you're there to stop me.

    Yeah I'll go back to chemistry, mother :P

  12. I'll let you know when I have 10 bil

  13. cmon, way too many daily posts

    get off the CN forums and start revising some of that chemistry!!!

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