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  1. lon=80&lat=23 is 99% and lon=79&lat=22 is 98% lon=80&lat=24? lon=79&lat=24?
  2. First mars wonders are finally expiring Bad times
  3. Each is meant to inflict a different average number of casualties. There may be other hidden factors that we don't know about.
  4. [quote name='Eumirbago' timestamp='1321021622' post='2843201'] Aggressive Attack is best attack [/quote] I had to settle with 9 cautious and 1 aggressive today to ensure I got through everybody since I had low odds (apart from corpse who would rather maintain his warchest); went off with 1 loss and a bunch of casualties, so pretty pleased. Funnily enough, my last cautious resulted in no fewer casualties than my corresponding aggressive attack.
  5. That profile picture you have looks strangely familiar!

  6. Did you use to be a mod? :)

  7. You're very welcome!

  8. that meant to say nice :/

  9. oooh :) thanks for that, I've got a nive colourful wave background now!

  10. Go to "Edit my profile" then down the left side find "Profile Customization"

  11. we be approaching 12 mother******!

  12. wait a minute, how did you manage to get a fancy background on your profile page? >:(

  13. Thanks for recalculating anyway, Chintan. It's just about worth it for me as my wonders are expiring in almost half a year.
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