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It's FOK's Orange Trade Circle Zone


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Announcement from FOK

Today is a happy day as FOK announces the opening of a new Orange Trade Circle Zone on our forums. This new part of our forums is specifically designed to bring all Orange players who are seeking participation in a trade circle together. This will hopefully result in the creation of many new trade circles within the Orange sphere so this sphere can prosper even further.

FOK hereby invites all Orange players to visit the new Orange Trade Circle Zone on our forums. All you need to do is register on our forums and you will have access. No special mask is required to make it easy for people to access this new zone.

Please do pay attention to the rules and regulations for this new zone which can be found in the "How to join/create a trade circle <-- READ FIRST" topic. These rules and regulations are in place to maximize the return on investment for all that wish to participate in an orange trade circle and to reduce the amount of wasted effort by trade circle organizers and participants.

We at FOK hope that this will be a useful addition to our forums and hope many will enjoy the benefits of it by participating in one of the trade circles that will come to fruition in this new section.

Best regards,

MrCyber, President

o/ Orange

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Hurray for FOK! More orange trades for BNT :wub:

Uranium and lead is what every noob nation needs, at least thats what I tell them :awesome:

They'll definitely be more wanted now that navy is coming and they both give discounts on Navy upkeep

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