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And so began the end of the beginning of the end...


Doom of Thrones Pact

Article I: Diplomacy
Both parties hereby agree to maintain amicable relations, cooperating whenever possible in diplomatic issues and seeking to resolve any issues civilly.

Article II: Non-Aggression
Both parties hereby agree to maintain a policy of non-aggression towards either. Neither shall commit acts of military aggression,
nor aggressive acts such as espionage, interference in internal affairs or sending financial or military aid to an enemy of the other.
Pre-established and regular trade may continue with an enemy but the other party is encouraged to discontinue trade if requested.

Article III: Intelligence
Both parties hereby agree that any intelligence or otherwise sensitive information shared between the two will not be passed on to any third party without permission.
Both parties are encouraged, but not obligated, to share information with the other party relevant to their security.

Article IV: Defense
If one party finds itself under aggression by an outside force the other is encouraged, but not obligated, to offer assistance in all forms.
This clause may be activated via chaining.

Article V: Cancellation
Should either party wish to withdraw from this treaty, they may do so 7 days after notification is given to the other party.


Signed for Freehold of The Wolves,

The Mad King - Canik
Hand of the King - Taco
Regent - Dark Lord Sauron
Lord of Foreign Affairs - Velocity
Lord of Military Affairs - CodArk
Lord of Internal Affairs - Smitty
Lord of Economic Affairs - Lord

Signed for Doom Squad,

The Anointed - Lord Hershey
Inquisitor - Spectre


Edited by Canik
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Where have I seen DS and FTW together before...... O right fighting my little pups and I back in what like 2014 hahaha.... Good to see the names together again for a happier cause.



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