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Bob has a moon (LUNNA)

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League of Ultra Nationalist Nations Accords

Upon hurling our astronauts beyond planet Bobs atmosphere, we've discovered that Bob does indeed have a moon. We think we'll call it LUNNA


The Imperial Entente commits itself to the protection of LUNN from all incoming asteroids that may want to take a chunk out of it. 


To show our commitment to keeping our banners flying high and prevent the expansion of communism into LUNN space we've decided to paint the whole thing brown with a big VOTE FOR SHTANTO sign on it









                        Imperial Entente                                                 League of Ultra Nationalist Nations



Lucius Optimus- Emperor                                                                          Geyhunter224- Führer

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56 minutes ago, SirWilliam said:

His name is gey hunter...



His Discord is bootyman so idk. Basic internet.  


"gey. adjective. The definition of gey is a Scottish word for considerable. An example of gey is saying there's a lot of something." 


interesting find 


Edited by Lucius Optimus
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