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Zulu announce Royal Advisor

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http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-TbBB8IUf1yA/Ul1hZH-W2VI/AAAAAAAAAPQ/y4uVxxUPXC8/s1600/Zulu+Flag.JPG It is I Ubuntu the Great The Lion of Africa, King of the Zulu Alliance. Chieftain of the Zulu Empire, king of Kings, The Benevolent and magnificent, The Most Wise and Holy, Most High General Commander of the Generals of the Army and Air Forces, Admiral of the High Seas Fleets, Father of the nation, Hero of Heros, Bravest of the Brave, The vessel of all Knowledge, Holder of the Wisdom of the Universe, Teacher of Nations, the Mist High, Fearless and Honorable. I come hear to finally announce I now have a Royal Advisor. His name being ... nomdeplume of the Templar Knights Cross people followers of the true mRoon cross of god. I am hoping he will endeavor to keep Ubuntu out of trouble and from making boo boo.

All stand f or the
The Zulu national Anthem

Ubuntu the Great's Song
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