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The Honorable French Company

Captain Enema

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Ben Morris, formely of the Kickapoo Confederation, now a proud member of the Honorable Legion French Project examines his holdings from the small vessel he's stationed on.

"Signs of life sir?" his assistant Friday asks him.

"None," Morris replies.

"Odd that," Friday comments.

"Not so odd, times of strife tends to draw people towards major population centers. I'm sure we'll find plenty of inhabitants farther inland," Morris replies.

"Your orders sir?" Friday asks.

"My good man Friday, we will effect a landing in a prompt and direct manner and claim this part of France in the name of Legion," Morris orders.

Friday rips off a crisp salute and makes his way to the landing craft carrying a platoon of Legion Engineers. "Let's go boys!"


[b]Fort Camerone- Legion France[/b]

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the world, I bring you an exciting new Legion project in the heart of France. This untamed soil will be given new life as an agricultural project for the purposes of exporting those agricultural surpluses to various parts of Africa, namely Port Sudan. The Legion Organization taking control of this bit of France is known as the Honorable Legion French Company.

The director of the Company, a Mr. Ben Morris, once was an enemy of Legion, but now is a proud member of our ranks. We have great hopes that under his guidance the men and women of the Company will bring prosperity and fair governance to the Legion holdings in France.

Our first priority will be to begin making contact with French communities and begin tying them into the larger construct of services and contracts. We'll be importing a variety of goods to bring the area up to spec. Though, our initial findings show us that Austria and Athens have left it in good order.

For the time being the 1st Legion Demi-Brigade will be taking up station at Fort Camerone along with the 336th Air Strike Wing. A civilian owned Air Transport Company will be arriving shortly to begin moving products and people around the holdings.

We greatly look forward to working with the people of France and Europe at large."



The 1st Legion Demi-Brigade departs its ships. They are lightly armed men formed up to serve in a civilian police role. They are heavily complimented by SOG Teams who will act in a training capacity to organize native police forces for the purpose of taking over their own security responsibilities rather than having them conducted by Legion Forces.

The SOG teams and Demi-Brigade companies fan out across the countryside and begin making contact with the French civilians. They bring the message stating, "We come in peace, we are hear to do business, we are recruiting farmers, mechanics, policemen, teachers, and doctors. Fair rates of pay and good benefits for those who sign up."

In several cases the Legion Forces encounter still formed police and military units. Rather than disbanding them they are convinced to return to their barracks where they'll be given full pay until a determination can be made regarding their future. Morris decides rather quickly to run them all through a brief Legion Course on Legion Military and Police procedures before returning the bulk of them to duty under the command of their own officers and Legion observers.

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"This land belongs to the French people and is under the protection of Athens. Instead of pirating it, you may want to reconsider invading the places where folks live. We will not tolerate a breach of their sovereignty unless Athens authorizes you to take up the land as its protector and we highly doubt that will occur."

King Geoffrey IX

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"I am rather certain they did not."

The Angevin army which had been moved to the north coast in lieu of instability in Ireland and England.. swung more eastwards, but did not cross into the protectorate.

"For the sake of all involved, for the moment, we ask that the Legion withdraw to Calais while this dispute is handled.."

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"The Athenian Federation hereby confirms that is has, in coordination with Austria and upon recommendation by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Industry, given permission for Legion to set up a small enclave in the west of the French protectorates."

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Any attempt to move against Legion territory will be met with hostile force. You will remain on your side of the border or you will immediately be fired upon.

One step across our border will be treated as an act of war.

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[b]Fort Camerone[/b]

With the Pretenders put into their proper place the Legion begins the work of establishing a constabulary. Interviews are set up amongst the men and women of the former French Army and Police services that were previously asked to return to their barracks. Most all of them seemed keen on returning to work keeping their bit of France safe and sound.

Three Thousand Frenchmen and Frenchwomen are enrolled in a quick and dirty Legion Training course that will give them all the insight into Legion law enforcement procedures. Most find the material to be dull and repetitive and not much of anything new, but they do pick up a few interesting items like radio transmission protocol and Legion rank structures.

Equipment is provided in the following form to the 3000 men and women of the Constabulary:

For crowd control and heavy support-


10 Round box magazine, or 20 round drum for this Semi-automatic to fully automatic shotgun.

For a side arm-


14 round .45 autoloader

For personal Armor-


For patrol Vehicles-


Once the Constabulary has completed their training they will begin phasing out the Legion Demi-Brigade, which is currently patrolling the borders of Legion France. In order to put a friendly face on the entire administration several Legionnaires who are of French descent are ordered to join the project. One, a Legion Council Member, Rene Duchaine, got his start long ago with the French Foreign Legion, but moved on after his enlistment expired.

Duchaine is given the task of creating a local representative government that is self-sufficient withing in the boundaries of Legion foreign policy. He quickly gets to work hiring a staff and making contact with rural village mayors urging them to return to work and going as far as ensuring them they'll be paid directly be Legion along with their public servants in order to ensure a smooth transition from one authority to the next.

With Duchaine comes a Legion Special Operations Group Team which previously spent months creating the medical, civil, and educational infrastructure of the Legion Ghana Project. They are tasked with giving all the local hospitals, civil works departments, and schools a thorough inventory and making up a list of their needs. These veteran special forces troopers well versed in several languages get right to work to dig up the information needed to ensure a continuation of services.

More importantly they are tasked with discovering the regional body responsible for those services and politely convincing them to remain at their posts under Legion employment. It's a great deal of work, but not seen as an impossible task as the Legion France area is certainly far more developed than the Ghana or Siberian areas previously were.

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"As we have significant cultural ties with France, the Cajun Federation withholds recognition of Eastern France as the legal protectorate of what amounts to a private military corporation. We are discouraged to see the mother country ruled by a corporation who claims to be a legal and sovereign government."

[i]Maxime Lafayette
Lady Protector of the Cajun Federation[/i]

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When the French people heard about the possible resignation of their King, they didn't need any direct orders.. any orders at all really. They walked across the border and invaded the East France protectorate upon their own. Paris was their first target. Batteries of artillery opened up on legion positions and aircraft began to bomb transit points such as bridges to cut off their supplies. Cruise missiles reigned in on the area. Tactical nuclear weapons were readied for use if things began to go wrong. Tanks and infantry moved in following upon the softening bombardment.

A vastly larger, better supplied with more stable supply lines, and better equipped force already positioned to surround the Legion position marched forward and pressed upon them back towards the sea.

An anonymous statement was issued from the Army's Staff, "The Legion will leave our People's lands now or we will ensure they see more loss off life over dirt than has been experienced in most of human history or die trying to do so. We are not pawns. We shall not be ruled or intimidated by a foreign power ruling from other continents."

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Verena Schuster had only arrived in the Athenian Protectorate of France a week ago. Her offices in Paris as Co-Governor were still empty and on the morning of the Angevin assault, she was still bringing in office papers along with her personal wardrobe when a jeep screeched to the front door of the Hotel de Ville. Austria's presence was new, mainly as a way to balance Athenian control in France, which Vienna feared would push Roman borders all the way to the Rhine. Europe was already in a cold war, if Athens gained too much power it could off set the shaky balance between the Socialists in the south and the German Nationalists in the north. Verena felt the same amount of stress as she sent most of the Austrian garrison to guard the border of an Austrian ally. No one then had expected problems from the south. When Legion representatives had approached Athens and Austria, asking for a parcel of land in Northern France to act as a European base, the protectorate government saw no real problems. It was a small enough area and the native population was small. Legion had been known in the past for preserving cultural integrity and in addition to that, they provided yet another voice to keep the divide between Athens and Germany from breaking into hostility.

Which was why when the attack came from the south, the protectorate, for a moment was thrown into disarray

"What? Lieutenant, you can't be serious." Said Verena as she stared down at the hastily written report from the border commander, before he had ordered a withdraw deeper into the country. "The Angevins have attacked Athens and Austria? God help us." She put her face in her hands as the first sounds of bombs falling echoed through Paris. The Co-Governor rose her head and ran to the windowsill, pushing back her short brown hair on the side of her ear. "Sound the alarm Lieutenant and alert the Prefect's office. I want all available soldiers to move towards the Seine and defend Paris at all costs. Send word to the German border as well, we'll be pulling our troops south. This attack must be destroyed before innocent lives are lost."

"Of course Governor, right away."

Upon Schuster's orders, the Prefect Offices of Paris began to deploy what local militia and police forces they had against the Angevin invaders. Military patrols were in the area and would begin to march towards where the border had been breached to repulse the attack. In addition, the some twenty-five thousand men, stationed across the northern border would too begin to march south towards Paris and other protected cities. Wherever the battle was joined, Austria would prove that were a valuable and staunch defender of Athenian assets.

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As Angevin troops saw Austrian forces move to replace Legion forces on different fronts, at those particular fronts.. the Angevins withdrew back to their borders and the fire halted unless they sought to move into Angevin territory. It was clear they had no qualms with Athenians or Austrians.

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Much like the Austrians all focus had been placed on the German border by the Hellenic Forces. As such the attack came both unexpected and caught the defenders unprepared. Immediately upon hearing of the attack Renée would issue orders for around 10,000 soldiers to move away from the Geerman border and defend protectorate territories.

An announcement would be made from Versailles as the defenders marched to the front.

[quote]The Angevins have started an attack against protectorate territory of an ally. As members of the Delian League we demand the immediate withdrawal from the protectorate. Failure to oblige will result in defensive actions.[/quote]

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The withdraw was began as soon as Legionaries withdrew to Calais and as the Austrians and the Athenians moved into their positions. There would be a startling view from the positions of the Austrians and the Athenian troops.. as there were very frequent instances of the Angevin troops arguing with each other over what they were doing on the battlefield and at least once instance of friendly soldiers being taken into custody for going against orders in the middle of the withdraw.

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"We welcome the Honorable French Company so long as they remain in the land allocated. We understand the need for trade, but we also understand that merchants only need a port and a warehouse to perform their functions. In fact, we hope to trade with them as well and are sorry we had to harm some of them to protect our sovereignty.."

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[b]Fort Camerone[/b]

Wolf Schlitzer on scene...

"Ladies and gentlemen I've seen many instances of utterly appalling atrocities, but today I find myself at a loss for words. Only pictures can tell the true tale of horror at the sheer insanity of the Angvenin assault on Legion France."

Cut Scene...

First Photo, rows and rows of small bodies, clearly children, French children blown apart by artillery fire.

"As you can see from this photo released by Legion authorities the artillery attack on Legion forces has proven to be indiscriminate. A small school was destroyed and 57 children and 13 of their teachers were killed."

Second Photo, a blown apart civilian bus filled with charred bodies of men and women, destroyed by artillery fire.

"In this photo, released by Legion authorities you can see a civilian bus that was hit by Anvegin artillery fire. We believe at this time it was a small group of senior citizens that were killed."

Third Photo, a hospital emergency room filled with bodies and shattered lives and Legion and French medical staff working side by side to treat the wounded.

"You can see from this photo that the local medical wards are filled with civilian, constabulary, and Legion wounded and dead. Legion medical staff and local French medical staff are working side by side to treat the injured."

Cut Scene...

Various graphic images of French Constabulary Officers rushed from their training sites to help control the crowds and keep order. For the most part everyone is happy enough with staying in their homes for the time being. Emergency distribution of food and water can be seen being set up by Constabulary officers as Legion troops are being moved directly to the border to defend against Angvenin incursions.

Back to Wolf Schlitzer...

"The heroism being displayed by the native French against what amounts to a terror attack on civilians is amazing. Legion troops are commenting on it regularly. Most feel the French locals are holding up well under the despicable attacks. Sargent, what are your comments regarding this situation?"

A bloodstained Legionnaire looks at the camera, he scowls, and finally he says,"God damn cowards the lot of them across the border targeting civilians. Our local boys, top drawer all of them, I'll serve by them any-day."

"Well said Sargent, what is your prediction for the outcome of this war?"

"Lot of dead folks who don't need dying."

"Sadly, that's war for you."

"Well they fired first, now Legion is going to end it."

"Indeed, let's cut directly to Port Sudan where Legion Coordinator Dellion is going to make a statement," Wolf Schlitzer comments.

"Hello, today Legion has suffered a terror attack unlike any other in the history of our nation. Not even the bio-attack by Promised Land comes close to the scope and intensity of this savagery displayed by this rogue King of the Angevins.

Our response is simple...

Leaders are responsible for their nations. It does not matter to us whether or not the French king resigned or not. We feel had he stayed at his post he would have had control over his forces. His failure to control his forces makes him a partner to his crime. We offer a bounty of 25 million for his head for this crime.

Any further attacks on Legion France will be met with a proportional response. As of now forces in Legion are mobilizing for war. The Angvenins have a choice.

They can surrender their King to Legion for a trial, which will most likely result in him being hung by the neck until he is dead for his failure to prevent the murder of civilians.

As of now we call on our allies to assist us in our time of need in defeating this rogue nation. We shall cut it from the heart of Europe like the cancer it is."


ooc: unfortunately for you Mael, you do not get to rp what my troops do or the damages incurred by them. So whatever you think you might of done or claim you have done isn't going to be the way it plays out. That's rp, I suggest you learn how to do it.

Legion Demi-Brigade

The original attack wasn't at all a surprise. How can you mask the sounds of hundreds of vehicles roaring around the countryside? The Legion Demi-Brigade, inside its agreed upon borders as posted in the map above, quickly moved into ambush positions and made themselves ready. Their style of fighting would aid them well in this conflict as their snipers, demolitions-experts, and other men are well versed in small unit tactics.

The onslaught of missiles and artillery catches a few of the units in the open, but not many. Most are well dispersed and undercover. The artillery and missiles are all the signs they need that this is going to be one of those fun shooting wars they love and know. Once the first shot is fired by the Angvins the rules of engagement are clear, kills as many of the invaders as possible and take prisoners only when they surrender unconditionally.

The Angevin rush to the border was met with silence. The Legionnaires wait from their concealed positions, with their routes of escape already dialed in, and anti-personnel mines laid in advance to stall Angevin counter-attacks. With this sorted the Legion troops wait until the attackers begin to pass them by and then open up on them from the sides and rear with rockets and sniper rifles. Once they fire they hastily ex-filtrate their positions to their next location leaving the Angvins empty fighting holes and hungry claymore mines with pressure sensitive pads and wireless remotes waiting for them.

If it is a fight they want, its a fight they'll get.

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## A public statement from the King in Austria ##

"We had met an agreement through your Austrian friends to permit you to remain a position on our north to use as a Port. We had halted all attacks after the initial strike. Now you declare war and put a price on my head while I visit the Austrians in Vienna to talk to them about peace, and about the future. You have shown your true colors in your initial, failed, attempted land grab which we repulsed and halted as Austrian and Athenians moved to cover your retreat. At that time we were willing to forgive you for the slight as requested by Athens and Austria. Now we will push you into the sea unless Athens bids us show you mercy or you surrender because you have now attacked us. I hereby invoke the articles of the Delian League in the collective defense of west Europe. I call for Andorra to mobilize and join France in this conflict if necessary."

ooc: Unfortunately, I have the superior NS by over a multiplier of 5 and I can very well uproot you from your positions or they will be destroyed by the advance of my forces. Take your choice. You cannot god mode a defense that cannot fall against massive odds except in special situations where terrain is in your favor. In the fields of Europe, mobile warfare is king.

ic continued:

## On the battlefields ##

The Demi-Brigade would in fact ambush the recon portion of the 1st Division. The legionaires had no time to lay a proper mine field if they were going to survive the pressing onslaught of the Angevin mobile infantry so only a few soldiers and vehicles would be lost over the vast plains which would take much time and resources to cover. Resources the enemy did not have. Additionally, mine clearing tanks were in use at obvious bottlenecks and anti-mine munitions would be deployed before the advance of armor and infantry. Parts of the massive Angevin force would move to encapsulate and destroy what portions of the legion forces they could.

While the attacks may have initially been stalled a little by rapid mine placement, the speed of the tanks and the infantry would rapidly overwhelm those taking the time to lay mines while machine guns would spray the retreating troops.

Drones and other air forces took off from nearby bases and began to assault the retreating forces.. and anti-naval munitions began to be launched from aircraft to sink ships intending on dropping off supplies on the coastline at the enemy ports.

The air force formed a CAP over the region and close air support from drones, artillery, and precision strikes would just really start inflicting carnage... how big of carnage? (ooc: We'll have to see how well TBM rps his condition as being simply out gunned, out numbered, surrounded, with one thread bare port for a supply line.)

The King's statement concluded, "You will regret not being grateful for what you were so kindly granted out of good will by the Thrones of Europe and in doing so.. bringing instability to this continent."

##ooc: Final draft copy, no more corrections to be made. ##

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OOc: You will not rp my forces for me, claymore mines are easy to set up. We were laying in wait for you. I'm rping the response to your initial attack before you pulled back and everyone made nice. The agreement you made with Sarah and Cent will come after these opening moves.


Having drawn first blood the Demi-brigade troops fall back to their next line of defense. The advancing Angevins catch a few retreating groups, but not all. The claymore mines that are set off by the pressure pads are fired off by remote wireless devices to avoid them being reused. With the pullback of forces the Legion troopers set up again behind a screen of shoulder fired ATGM squads laying in wait from their own positions at an oblique angle to the Angevin advance.

Should they wish to advance further the Legion is more than willing to let them pay the price for their advance. Behind the ATGM squads are a short unit of Legion Mortar teams that are waiting under camouflaged nets for their orders to fire on Angevin troops they can catch out in the open. Legion Sniper teams redeploy and begin targeting Angevin officers that show their faces with a hot-loaded 7.62 round.

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[center][b]Military Dispatch from August Imperator of the United Federation of the East:[/b][/center]

The United Federation of the East and the Legion have fought side by side as brothers constant times. To think that we would allow them to be bullied by a power which seems totally incapable of governing itself is a joke. While we understand our Athenian Comrades Treaty, we both just got finished whipping the ass of a similar rogue power: Germany who attempted this same damn excuse to get away with aggression. It is our opinion an international standard must be laid down.

I will not mince words. Any ruler which allows his forces to attack sovereign nations without his knowledge and then tries to use his incompetence as an excuse, should not be leading a nation. I grow tired of the constant irresponsibility of this clownish routine. Perhaps the first nation which tried this could have gotten away with it. However, you are at least the 11th.

Therefore the United Federation of the East shall stand side by side with the Legion against this irresponsible and reckless power. The Legion have proven themselves our friend and we shall not back down from them. If you come against the Legion, we shall smash your nation to pieces, with an actually professional military.


Yuan Jia, August Imperator of the United Federation of the East

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[b]OOC: He is right about one thing Maelstrom. It has been one of the main rules in all the RP's I've done that you can't say the damage for the opposing forces unless they basically give a written (or in this case typed) agreement. Whether he withdraws or not is entirely his decision. But that does not mean that we can't make him pay if he chooses for this war to happen.[/b]

[quote]Arnaud-[b]Joseph[/b] Nason, leader of Alpha Squad
[b]Donatien[/b] Pelay, second in command
[b]Frédéric[/b] Meserve, sniper
[b]Georges[/b]-Jean-Louis Marais, medic
[b]Louis[/b]-Silvain Daladier, explosives expert

Alpha Squad is the Andorran equivalent of Delta Squad. They have signed up for the Angevin Military in southern France over 10-15 years ago when they were only teenagers but the main reason they wanted to sign up was because they wanted to be in the Special Forces and they were picked to be in Alpha Squad. The most well trained squad in Angevin and were based in the southern Angevin region under control of Paul Rosseau so they now work for the Andorran military. They underwent years of extremely tough physical, mental, and tactical training. Many of their trainers thought they would die before their training was even done yet they made it through and turned out to be the best soldiers they have ever trained. [/quote]

[b]IC: Damion was looking at all this one the videoscreen in Paul's office. While Paul was away on his trip in Austria. He could not believe what was happening.

Damion: [/b]An attack is one thing. An attack by the people is entirely another. What the Legion is saying may be partly true but is mostly lies. It was not Geoffrey's fault and if they go after him than we shall make them pay. It is time to activate Alpha Squad. Whether they see some combat here or not depends on if this thing goes on. Unless the Legion backs down they will untimately be destroyed by more Angevin bombardment and invasion. But if Alpha Squad sees action then [b]May God have mercy upon the Legion's souls.[/b]

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