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The Thousand SNAFU's

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[b][center][size="4"][u]The Thousand SNAFUs[/u][/size][/center][/b]

[b]I. Sovereignty and Conduct[/b]
A. SNAFU and The Thousand Suns both recognize a state of amity henceforth.
B. The Thousand Suns agrees to use civility when conducting foreign relations and wars, and to seek the advice of SNAFU when in doubt.
C. SNAFU agrees to provide The Thousand Suns with advice upon request.

[b]II. Defense and Intelligence[/b]
A. SNAFU agrees to provide The Thousand Suns military or financial assistance in the event someone tries to annihilate them from the face of planet bob.
B. The Thousand Suns have the option of providing SNAFU military or financial assistance in the event someone declares war on SNAFU, however are not obligated to.
C. If The Thousand Suns or SNAFU hear any juicy gossip about the other, they agree to inform the other.

[b]III. Exterior Policy[/b]
A. The Thousand Suns agree not to sign any treaties other than Option Defense Pacts, or Peace, Intelligence, and Aid, Treaties while this protectorate is valid.
B. The Thousand Suns also agrees to provide SNAFU 24 hours notice prior to signing a treaty.
C. SNAFU and Thousand Suns shall grant to each other the status of Favored Free Trade Partner. Nations of SNAFU and Thousand Suns shall be encouraged to deal with one another during the arrangement of technology trades. To conduct such trades, SNAFU shall open its economic marketplace to Thousand Suns members.

[b]IV. Withdrawal & Renewal[/b]
A. The Thousand Suns and SNAFU both agree to provide the other 72 hours notice prior to cancelling this protectorate, during which time, the treaty will still be active.

[b]Signed for Thousand Suns:[/b]

Chris Pearson, The Creater
Eden , The Gardener

[b]Signed for SNAFU:[/b]

Stetson76, the Grand Fubar
Madam CaVi, Power Behind the Throne
Joe32320, Outhouse Leader
Thoughberry, Inhouse Leader
Heheurfunny, Director of Damage Control
Decrepdsol, Director of Illicit Affairs
Warmongrel, Director of Alliance Relations
Lord6Dread, Director of Making Nations Rich

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Congrats, look forward to getting to know you guys :)

[quote name='DarkEra97' timestamp='1308919022' post='2740364']
If Joe is any sort of indication, SNAFU are good at training noobs. I think this makes them a good protector :P

Congrats guys

You'll be hearing from my lawyer for that libel......yet again :P

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Congrats TS. SNAFU are great guys. I’m willing to bet this will be the first step on a long journey together. A journey of discovery followed by a coming of age adventure. You will share happy moments and unburden each other during moments of despair on the long long long long long road ahead. You should carpool.

The End

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A Thousand Snafu's will live forever o/ and yes Snafu are the best and ive had nothing but pleasant dealings with them the are more than a protectorate and allies i include them in the friend category

all hail Thousand Suns
all hail Snafu
all hail Thousand Snafu's

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