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  1. Fine Arts

    You Are Cordially Invited...

    The "Old Guard-Umbrella Winter War or is that too long" is too long.
  2. Fine Arts

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    Time is out of joint, relatively. But still watching.
  3. Fine Arts

    What should this war be called?

    "Something else". I can live with that.
  4. Fine Arts

    Grämlin Announcement

      Well, we are not neutral; we are not a no-man's-land type place and we do not complain about the kids these days. But we sit a lot. Nice to see Grämlins.
  5. Fine Arts

    Music to Drive By to

    Conflict - Archive Dangervisit - Archive Bullets - Archive Bombs Away - Eels Violently - Archive Kaputt - Destroyer Hold The Fort - The Bevis Frond  
  6. Fine Arts

    Still Intact

    Stability is a corner stone, a pillar of the Old Guard. Usually.   The Rose always.
  7. Fine Arts

    Das Girl Memorial: A GATO Announcement

    o/ Das Girl forever   Best name ever.   With respect, Fine Arts
  8. Fine Arts

    We merged (well, almost)

    Champagne Vodka and confetti. Good news.
  9. Congratulations. Absolut.
  10. Oh, I love this one.   Congratulations.
  11. Well worded.   o/ Union of Communist Republics     o/ Old Guard
  12. Fine Arts


    Exactly. We are in the Fogiesphere. Maybe not so exactly.
  13. Fine Arts


    I love the content and the substance of The Covenant. This is good ground. Congratulations OBR & OG