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  2. Space for 2 more tech deals, open now
  3. No Wai! I knew I felt a disturbance in Planet Bob!
  4. If it's not a disavowal I'll have to go talk to your daddy.
  5. Good Evening Team, Was thinking of getting back into the game after years and years away. Logged a few days ago and saw Planet Bob still kicking. Would like to join back up, however starting all over is not an attractive option. Would like to get my nation reinstated and jump back into Bob politics/nation building. Let me know if this is possible. Don't want to have to start over if I don't have too. Thanks for the support and good to see some old names floating around. DR
  6. Yesterday
  7. That was not disavowal, that was answering your question; to wit, was he acting on his own or on behalf of Kashmir. Jack is like the scirocco, he blows across the desert heedless of the boundaries set by men. Always will he be a brother, in'shallah may he say the same.
  8. Too much bureaucracy eventually leads to pixel hugging habits.
  9. Another server would be a fun idea. Maybe take the growth scale from TE version (trade swaps available every 5-7 days, Wonder purchases maybe not every 5 days, but shorter than every month, Lower initial infra, tech, and land costs, etc) , so someone just starting doesn't have to wait like 5-10 years to be in the "high tier" and don't reset every 3 months like TE, but maybe every 2-3 years to keep the server from stagnating. Assuming there are enough players in 2-3 years to populate this extra server.
  10. To all of our enemies: We in the Freistaat Bayer just wanted to thank you for pushing me over the million casualty mark. It is good to have something to look forward too aside from collection and bills, is it not? In particular, we would like to thank: The Kingdom of Jamaica The Doom Legions Farnhams Freehold Shoganai Land of Darkness Evergreenterrace Armpit (You are quite effective with spies!) Karawaci The Isles of Juulsta Republican Texas Republic of Eurf Glister Vundf Tristana Vicus Transylvania and the Republic of Boworia. And now, back to the war! MARCHE OF THE WOUNDED SOLDIERS
  11. For reference, here's what was said in another DoW thread by RFI: From the same thread: And so now, when another party declares war on an ally, you all haven't jumped in like you did when it was the likes of TIE and SRA. I'll just leave this quote from a disinterested third party to explain why this make you all look bad.
  12. Legalize swearing for $%&@'s sake! This prohibition !@#$%^&* is getting us nowhere.
  13. For RFI apparently because they need to be "activated" to defend their ally, except of course for when it is convenient to claim otherwise.
  14. Create a classic server in tandem with the currently active server.
  15. It isn't a problem at all, who is this a problem for exactly?
  16. Apparently, legion, GaTO, claws et al are too tied up with micros to handle fulfilling the treaty obligations they so nobly emphasized they had to honor against TIE, RSA, Sellswords, etc
  17. That wouldn't be a problem if you guys didn't claim to defend your allies against ANYONE who attacked them (disbanded/or otherwise) but The Legion for example, was very adamant about that. RFI policy change since then? Article III: Rolling for InitiativeEdit If any member of RFI is attacked, all players shall enter combat. Roll for Initiative.
  18. Hey man not cool, I had an operation to replace my mouth with my butt hole after a horrible accident and I'm pretty sensitive about it.
  19. If you're going to talk out of your butthole, I will just respond with memes. This format is the gift that keeps on giving! (My former allies in NG disbanded like last year)
  20. I guess not, makes sense really. Cause y'know if they did, that might escalate things to a point where RFI can't hold their own against who might join to assist NG. I suppose the point is it's quite laughable that FTW felt the need to activate RFI against a few micros in order to curbstomp them. Now they've got the more threatening COBRA front covered with RFI support I guess they feel they can take NG on solo! Godspeed and all that!
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