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  2. Key word there: was 😆 Yet, even back in the day it's debateable if those two were greater. I did create a well-known and long-lived medium alliance from scratch and have had my hand in shaping events for a very long time. Not that it matters, who cares about 10 years ago? What have they done lately? Why are they bored? If you're bored then you're boring. It means you are incapable of coming up with your own ideas, creating your own entertainment, you must rely on others to do it for you. Yet these two supposedly WERE greater than me. lol ok 🤣 I have never been bored here.
  3. Yikes. This is so far from a correct take that it’s sad.
  4. MK never hosted NSO. NSO was always on their own hosting. I helped them set up their forums like 6 months to a year before that leaked post was made, then I had them change all of their passwords - it was literally confirmed by Dilber (I think? Or some other NSO gov member) at the time.
  5. Just one more thing MK has done bigger and better than anyone else
  6. ITT I learned Polaris in Occulus. When did this happen?
  7. Yesterday
  8. I wouldn't let NPO host my **** either, for the record. The temptation to look is too great. Nobody should ever let a political rival host their stuff, full stop. I fully believe political forces of any stripe would work against ethical considerations. I was more focusing on how dumb people were to do stuff like that.
  9. It is, or I should say, was, well known that you guys took stuff from NSO's databases, while you were hosting their forums. I am pretty sure it was NSO. So yeah, don't bull**** about that.
  10. Hello looking for 3 buyers and 3 sellers for a long term 3x3 tech deal. This tech deal will be more efficient then just a 1x1. I see prices are 9 mill for 100 tech. Buyer 1 Buyer 2 Buyer 3 Seller 1 Seller 2 Seller 3
  11. Why do you believe this obvious fake stuff for 7 years ago? It's not true. Like SW said, probably like 70% of the stuff on the list is true, and for some reason, rsox felt like stirring !@#$ up.
  12. Reply sent with list of others to trade with. Thanks St Mungo
  13. That's why I am the only person you can trust with free hosting. No leaks ever happened from alliances I hosted!
  14. I have never considered you a buffoon, I tend to find it easy to respect what you say. Incidentally, according to my philosophy of life I should have written "those friends of him that also behaved as buffoons"... but I slipped.
  15. I just want to say that i am the most fascinating aspect of all8ane culture Also that I really can not believe how hard canik seems to be plugging his ears these days. He used to be the one to present controversial ideas.... With actual thoughts applied... when I met him
  16. If you can have others trade with me please
  17. Who me? I resemble that remark.
  18. It certainly is. He thinks he is special because he rounded up a bunch of inactive alliances into a loose coalition, with no cohesion or shared culture, but all under one bloated AA with a large spreadsheet number. He gets to pretend he is one of the big boys now that the world is a lifeless husk. Good to see you still kickin'. Sent you some bux since I see you rolled a fresh nation.
  19. The bit about NoR abandoning DT is true, but not for the reason suggested. The sad reality is that NoR's Kaiser at the time had basically 'checked out' of CN and couldn't be bothered maintaining friendships and, well, it showed. Also, I think this may be a record in terms of forum necromancy.
  20. It's remarkable to see someone with zero sense of history repeatedly trying to pull the "Who are you?" card. And, speaking from the peanut gallery, it seems every person he's pulled this nonsense on could say, with some justification, "I was greater than you could ever hope to be, you medium-sized fish in a minuscule pond."
  21. New player looking for bonus in resources, willing to change team and resources needed for a 8+BR or 3+Br
  22. I like not having allies for once. Means I don't have to worry whose jimmies I twist
  23. I'll be standing right next to you Thrash
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