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Umbrella Aid Slots, facts, and patterns

Kubla Khan



Umbrella Aid Slot usage

Facts and Patterns

The following is a breakdown of the aid slot usage of the Umbrella and the Umbrella Applicant alliance affiliations between 3/24 9:07:14 and 3/15 12:01:33.

By cataloging and documenting his information i hope to glean insights on the priorities of this alliance who i have little contact with.

Furthermore i hope to make the incredibly efficient and complex system of aid and growth more understandable for the average citizen of planet BoB

I will first present the facts, cold hard numbers then give my own commentary and perceptions.

Any factual inaccuracies are unintentional and i will do my best to remove my own biases from my analysis


Total Nations 100 up 10 from declaration

14 nations in Anarchy

8 in Peace mode

Total NS 7,862,331

Average NS 78,623

Total Tech 826,743

Nukes 1,798

8 Offensive Wars

16 Defensive wars

Umbrella aid slots documented: 417

Umbrella Exports

Total Cash sent out to Foreign Alliances- 634,500,000

Total internal cash Sent within Umbrella - 129,000,000

Total Cash sent by Umbrella Nations- $763,500,000

Aid to Warring Doomhouse alliances

579,000,000, All but 12 mil going to GOONS

324,000 Soldiers

This means that 110 of the aid slots sent to GOONS are now cash only (about 40%), the percentage was much higher in the first several months of the ongoing conflict but i do not have the number accurate to the point i would publish them. But one thing is for sure, GOONS, with almost 150 new members and a total NS staying around 1.8 mil, has bottomed out, and that extra 500 mil and the 600,000 extra soldiers could have gone a long way.

Umbrella Tech importation and its origins

Total tech gained by Umbrella 3,500


The Empire

Knights of Ni!


The last Republic

Bankers of America


Union of integrated National Entities



Red Elite Defense

Kingdom of Italy

Union of Communist Republics

TOP applicant

Amazon Nation

Shinra Electric Power Company

League of Enlisted Gentleman

Mostly Harmless Alliance

Random Insanity Alliance

Terran Empire

Flying Hellfish

World Federation


Umbrella Applicant



Forgotten Legion


World United nations

Rubber Ducky Division


Peoples Order of Truth


SOS Brigade

Union of integrated National Entities

Death before Dishonor

Knights of Democracy

Organization XIII

TOOL Tech Seller




Flood Empire


These deals in addition to 7 internal Umbrella deals round out the total slots.

If these numbers and facts don't make sense to you, i would reassure you by saying i don't understand them either. The aid airlift we saw for the first month of the war, made with ruthless and surgical precision to keep the lower tiers of GOONS fighting the beaten down nuclear nations of the NPO coalition seems to be fraying. Nations are no longer pushing 1 billion of war aid to their brothers in arms but have begun to shift their priorities. An upsurge in domestic aid to rebuild Umbrella nations who have taken a serious beating to the tune of around 130 million dollars, no chump change and 40 odd slots now aimed at the home front, this combined with the motley crew of alliances providing Umbrella nations through tech deals also shows a clear lack of coordination on the govt. level and is simply nations deciding that their slots would be put to better use for their own tech acquisition than the aiding of GOONS nation who are fighting highly developed, NPO nations content with winning successive GA's against inexperienced and in some cases incompetent young nations, flush with MK and Umbrella cash. You can watch former mid tier, experienced nations in 3 defensive wars, out of anarchy and slowly gaining NS.

It is my belief that Umbrella has begun to go through the process of cutting GOONS off as it were. We know that they have the war chests and the income to aid GOONS out of all slots for eternity, but while they do this, tech are still under sporadic attack from NPO allies energizing in Kamikaze war mode and quading a mid tier umbrella nation, he is countered and a minor 4-5 nation skirmish often resulting in mutual ZIs. NPO due to its high amount of lower tier nuclear nations and content to stay there hold umbrella nations down and evaporate the tech, the most difficult to replace part of the war machine. The must now rebuild not only the demolished nations Infra, but must sacrifice the precious slots, for rebuilding there own nations. As the war drags on Umbrella has begun to face the reality of a drawn out war. Their growth stunted and their power waning with each passing day, aiding another comrade who fell victim to the tactic they hoped to use, a sneak, powerful attack, then a lower tier swarm. The whole time the upper tiers of NPO remain content in PM.

As an aside I feel the need to point out another interesting stat noticed in my look at Umbrella is its strange NS chart, they took a gradual loss daily for over a month then began to gain in score and NS in remarkable spurts. A glance at their alliance seniority gives us the answer in seeing around 750,000 NS and 68,000 tech bulked on to distort their true losses or damage take over the last month of the war, combined that with the addition of several smaller nations dragging down their average NS.

I look forward to the coming weeks to see if any of my theories and speculations will be confirmed, but alas, that is for a different thread. Thoughts?



Recommended Comments

Basically, this thinly-veiled propaganda piece just shows that we were focusing on GOONS on over our smaller nations until now. You didn't really do your homework, Tokyo Rose. No one ever said we were going to stop tech buying entirely, and GOONS are mostly on the offensive now rather than under heavy fire. We've probably coordinated the most aid to goons because we developed a proper system for it. I really want to hear about how NPO is doing well as alliances on their side continue to surrender. The implication that we have people joining to mask our NS losses is pretty funny too. We're not NPO. Looking forward to the next edition of Zero Hour, big guy. PM will become a noose tied around these brave Pacificans and the grip on their necks will continue to tighten.

Let's look at the stats: GOONS offensive wars at 247, 61 defensive. In the first weeks, they were under much heavier fire. But with self-proclaimed analysts like yourself, it's either Umbrella is aiding everything into GOONS, cuaisng itself to stagnate or its cutting GOONS off and NPO is winning consequently. The last part is always there somehow. I guess the stockholm syndrome set in despite them levelling your alliance to around 1m NS and making you into their tech farm.

At the end of the day, NPO is no TOP and they can't damage us to any real degree. NSO was one of the main alliances fighting GOONS and ASU was another fighting them. In total, 5 surrenders. CoJ is doing nothing to them now and neither is 64 digits. Avalon is only attacking us. That brings the count of alliances not really fighting GOONS to 8. TPF's not really in a position to launch further offensives either against them. Legion has been taken out of commission of more or less. We're up to 10 now. It's called the Hopeless Coalition for a reason and I think you're dumb as hell if you think people are "content" in PM. I doubt most of them wanted to be in there the first place. NPO itself is under attack by FAN and NoR and they have free reign more or less.

Anyway, my last count before update was 512 slots in use.(including a ghost) with 51 expiring at update unless you're not counting doubles but there weren't 50 doubles either. Meh, maybe there were, but I doubt it.

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I don't think Umbrella ever pushed a billion to GOONS in a single round. From what I have seen it's been consistently in the 600-650m range. MK has made up the other 400-500m or so to tip us over the billion mark.

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Great blog dude, I think you are truly onto something. Umbrella must be really getting weak and unorganized now. I think an all-out blitz against their top tier to give the coup de grace is in order to truly capitalize on this opportunity. I heard their predecessor alliance disbanded in war too, so maybe they'll disband when they realize they can't win.

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It's called the Hopeless Coalition for a reason and I think you're dumb as hell if you think people are "content" in PM. I doubt most of them wanted to be in there the first place.

I agree with you that it reads like a propaganda piece, and you are probably right about the people in peace mode, but there is still the other side of the coin to consider. Given that they have already paid into this plan for over two months, and the obvious distaste the DH side seems to have for them using it, why NOT continue? It's obvious your side has almost no respect for them, even at a basic level. A few Legion nations came out of peace mode, and almost immediately I saw a DH member mocking them for being stupid and letting themselves be destroyed. Allowing you all to destroy them easily and then point and laugh at them for months afterwards is hardly a cheery prospect. :rolleyes:

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'Importation' isn't a word. The word you're searching for is, in fact, 'import'.

Other than that....don't really care.

Importation, being the act of importing, is a word and is used correctly in the original post.

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Does anyone have any factual inaccuracies to point out?

Also if someone would like to give their own analysis I would greatly appreciate it.

Umbrella? Perhaps a long term war plan or something of the sort. :)

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