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  1. Here is a website with a ton of online interactive geography games: Sheppard Software I worked in international transportation logistics for many years and am something of a geography junkie. I applaud your willingness to admit what you don't yet know and take steps to address the situation. Rather different from one dim-bulb I worked with in international logistics who asked me if Italy was a part of Europe or another who asked me for a rate quote on ocean freight from New York Port to "China" (which could mean any of 100+ different ports and customs zones) Keep up the good work!
  2. Don't know if anyone has been following developments of the Costa Concordia story. In a world where everyone gets a trophy just for showing up and sensitivity for "feelings" trumps buckling down and getting the job done, no matter how unpleasant; Italian Coast Guard Captain Gregorio De Falco (great name!) rightfully busted a cap on Francesco Schettino, the putative captin of the Concordia. Audio Translated full transcript Here Choice Excerpts: De Falco: "I understand that, listen, there are people that are coming down the pilot ladder of the prow. You go up that pilot ladder, get
  3. if ever in your area. Saw his show over the weekend and nearly blew my gin and tonic through my nose.
  4. Oh, and Alterego..... snow acts rather differently when falling upon trees which have not yet shed their leaves... like 75 year old oaks and all that. clue....get one.
  5. Power out 29 October @ 1700 hrs. Lasted 5 days w/out heat & electric thanks to some mighty fine fire-building by one of our household members & the propane grill on the deck & gas water heater for showers. Succumbed to the need for heat & news and intarwebz and now household is at hotel for next night or two. "They" say 99% or our town will have power by Saturday. WMECO sort of sux. Anyone else out there get thwacked? I sorta felt like I was back in my camping days....but that was long ago and I had a functioning back. Now I just want a full body transplant.
  6. I posted a couple of months back about the vessel "Vasilios N", whose crew brought her safely from Misurata to international waters using only celestial navigation. The ship had been detained at Misurata for debts unpaid by the vessel owners Pantravel & Shipping located in Brindisi, Italy Since that time the ship and crew have been held at anchor at Valletta, Malta. P&S has not been forthcoming with the $$$ needed to repatriate the crew of six Georgians, three Ukrainians, and one Azerbaijani, back to their homelands. And that is about the lowest sleaziest depths of dishonor. .
  7. Packing up my apartment of the last 12 years. I gave Southeast VA a pile of good years. But the industry that was thriving and fun when I arrived here has shrunk by probably half. So I am taking my mad export skillz and going home. Leaving behind a ton of memories. Hurricane Danny '97 - the former spouse and I out in the wind and rain trenching our backyard so the water wouldn't flood all his unnecessary crap stored in the garage and my thriving tomato-full garden plots. A minor inconvenience as time would later tell. Hurricane Floyd '99 Lost potable water for 3 days because the
  8. Pertinent links are in the 5th response to OP. May 11 @ 1702 hrs.
  9. ooooook. Golly, I missed that wee bon mot from Mr Janova. Perhaps he had not read enough of above posts and linkage provided to understand that infanticide is as much as contributor to the imbalance as is abortion. The 0-5 year old girl population with a 40% higher mortality rate than the 0-5 boy population.... i think most people of sense would call that infanticide.
  10. Bob, Hardly a stick with which to "beat abortion" though personally I am pro-life. Worse than that I try to follow the Consistent Life Ethic. Abortion in the case of India is a symptom of a greater problem and there you are correct. Another symptom is Infanticide- things like stuffing a baby girl's mouth full of salt, or feeding her rice husks, or wrapping her in cold cloths and leaving her exposed so she'll get pneumonia, or starving her, or not getting her the medical care that would be given a boy , or drowning her in a pail of milk, or strangulation, or suffocation, or just leavin
  11. Ashoka, Interesting thing with South Korea. They have managed to turn around their "girl deficit" of the 1990s - one of the few really bright spots in this whole issue.
  12. Jerdge, My point in the initial post saying that it is not about wealth or development, is that those are certain preconceived notions I have run up against on this issue, from those who say it is an issue of poverty and the inability of families to support "superfluous" girl children ~ when this is clearly not the case. The 0-6 sex ratio cannot be tied to poverty rates or female literacy rates or other standard developmental measurements. And this is nothing that can be addressed by throwing any amount of development money at the situation. Detailed household income stats are not out y
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