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MK nations invoved in conflicts

Kubla Khan



Per request and rounded to nearest thousand

First 100 most recent wars 11:02 3/21-3/15, aka first 10 pages

Added MP/WRC/MP to the smaller guys (20<) who have gotten beaten down to give some perspective.

First 10 pages worth 3/15-3/21 11:02

Top Tier_____________________________________

SynthFG- 109k

Renegade4box- 81k

Der_Ko- 81k

Lord Stark- 77k

Floyd- 76k



Neneko- 52k


Lord Chort- 33k

Mecha Sheikh- 38k

Instr- 26k

Boscher- 23k

The Neverender- 25k

Jeeooh- 22k -ZIed

Sandwich Controversy- 20k


Rafael Nadal- 18k ZIed MP,SDI,WRC

Magictrevor- 17k ZI MP,SDI,WRC

Imperator G4G- 16k MP,SDI,WRC

Craig- 15k MP,SDI,WRC

Leet Guy- 15k MP,SDI

Visceration- 12k MP,SDI

Bikelee- 12k MP

Potato- 12k MP

Thaone- 11k ZIed MP,SDI,WRC

Metallica5000- 11k MP,SDI,WRC


Steodom- 10k MP, SDI

Lancer- 9k- Zied SDI,WRC,MP

Uaciot- 9k MP,SDI,WRC

Ryuzaki- 9k MP,SDI

Unsicher-9k MP,SDI

Chief Admiral Jeff- 8k MP,SDI


Voytek- 8k MP,SDI

Preist Khan- 7k ZIed

Alana-7k ZIed MP,SDI

Ardus- 6.5k MP, SDI

Faramir Kenobi- 6.5k SDI

Sumcallmeben- 5k MP,SDI

Lord Josh Allop- 5k MP,SDI

Stalk- 4.5k

Some-Guy- 4k MP,SDI,WRC

Blackdragon- 4k MP,SDI

Mack Truck- 4k MP,SDI,WRC

Tannel- 4k

Banksy- 3k MP,SDI

Amiee Mann- 3k only 22 days old

Rachet Man- 2.7k Has MP

Stromsend- 1.5k

Widget- 1k

EatDirtFartDust- 693 21 days old

Danek- 618

Elina Fox- 348

PChanrming- 300

GayBrushThreepwood- 300

Edger Lobster- 269

Bigpizzahut-217 38 days old

Denial- 157

locomoco- 86 43 days old

Several ZIs are not marked but the majority of 20-10k nations started 2-3x their current strength, Not the wonders for nations with less than 10k NS alone, Incredible stuff.

Let me know about any mistakes, im sure stuffs changed since this morning



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Also to show that many of the fighters in the lower NS ranges are former highly developed middle tier nations, even higher tier, Ill be watching the 50K+ guys over then next few days and see if they join their buddies in the 30's and 20's in a round or 2

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