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Nutty North Koreans Announcement


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[size=5][center]North Korean Declaration of War[/center][/size]

Greeting. We original hire North Korea writering companies for write our wars announcements, but they are did screwed up. North Korea government censor propaganda for better factualness of learnings

Written by [s]Kim Dong-Hua[/s] Park Hwang-Bo

Nutty North Koreans [s]were[/s] approached [s]by[/s] The Immortals last night, and [s]were[/s] asked to participate in an attack on NEW, activating our ODP with them. The Nutty North Koreans used a [s]voting[/s] Communist, [s]Democratic[/s] Communist system to determine whether [s]they[/s] Kim Jong-Il wanted to go in. Nutty North Koreans, [s]reluctantly[/s] with the firey passion of a thousand burning suns, accepted, and offered [s]50[/s] 500,000,000 troops to help in the fight. The troops went in and immediately began [s]losing[/s] deceisively and triumphantly winning their wars. Nutty North Koreans has [s]lost[/s] gained 10,000 nation strength since the beginning of the war, and is expected to keep going [s]down[/s] up infinitely, thanks to the guidance and wisdom of the Dear Leader.

With that clear up, Nigel Burnsley wroted the more factual, unbiased and objectives descriptions of the wars so far.

The brutal, cannibalistic and anarchic hoardes of NEW were pillaging and burning down innocent North Korean villages. Their leader, Satan, and his right-hand man, Hitler, had decided to invade North Korea, proclaiming "We're invading because North Korea is so much better than us and we're stupid". Unfortunately, many of their men were dying from being such big losers, and Kim Jong-Il saw this chance to defeat them. The North Korean People's Army were too busy destroying Capitalist America to help Kim Jong-Il on this mission, so he had to go in solo. Within a flash, the entire army was down. Kim Jong-Il had killed them blindfolded, literally (He'd been playing pin the tail on the donkey before he left).

To give you a better description of how this transpired, below are real photographs taken by our battlefield photographers:


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[quote name='Locke' date='03 February 2010 - 10:15 PM' timestamp='1265235311' post='2157233']
That is the...
I can't even...
What the...
I'm at a loss for words here. Someone, please put this poor chap out of his misery.

Good, I'm not alone in this school of thought.

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[quote name='kpcurley' date='03 February 2010 - 04:23 PM' timestamp='1265235791' post='2157254']
Nutty North Korea's foreign policy is out of control! First an embargo on Bacon, and now this. NEW you have BACoN's permission to utterly destroy them.

I'm speechless. Well done again! :D

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NEW members have just received fax from our dearest leader Satan, :

1. Destroyed all members of Nutty North Korean and bombing them with Uranium Canned Bacon..
2. NEW shall take NO prisoners from NNK, we will shoot any NNK in sight..
3. No Surrenders Terms will be given unless NNK become our eternal Bacon Farm


-The Satan Himself-

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