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Ragnarok is under New Management!


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Due to violent outbreaks of *cough*hypocrisy,*cough*conspiracy,*cough*andsenility*cough* from Van Hoo III, I, Gecko of Green Planet, will be taking over leadership of Ragnarok. All members will be required to sign up here. Unfortunately, all embassies have been deleted. If you'd like to open up a new embassy on our brand new, spectacular, forums, click here.

Thank you all, and have a wonderful day.


Gecko, Emperor

**This message is not endorsed by anyone but myself, and my alliance. Please remember this, when commenting, and have a nice day! :awesome:

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If I understand correctly, Gecko got sick of Van's !@#$ and made new forums. Apparently, he was backed wholeheartedly.

You, sir, are 100% correct, and have been awarded 9999 points, and a free vacation! ;)

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