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A Brief Clerical Notice from the Moralist Front


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A Statement from the Moralist Front: A few minutes ago, the Moralist Front decided to help an alliance in its hour of need. Shortly after posting a fake treaty with the famously neutral Green Protection Agency, REACH signed a rather one-sided protectorate treaty with TMF. We have since realized the error of our ways. The Moralist Front hereby activates the one month cancellation clause of the Treaty of Amontillado, due to a lack of communication between our respective alliances.

We remain Unbent, Unbowed, and Unbroken!


Vilien, Speaker

The General Assembly of the Moralist Front

P.S: We have a shiny new flag.

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so as soon as REACH finds itself in a rough patch, TMF cancels what is, on it's part, an optional treaty? wow. New low, Vilien.

With cookavich at the helm, the Moralist Front is sure that REACH will find itself in an eternal rough patch.

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A scouting party feverishly hurries your message to the council fire at Saundustee.

News travels swiftly in the confederacy; although we are neither moral, immoral or amoral, free war parties have already declared their willingness to support you in this matter.


Having previously been mustered to respond to the sacking of Saundustee, elements of the Helena nation stand poised to support The Morality Front.

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