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Stat lovers announcement

Kronos has passed it's milestone 2mil ns thread.

Kronos has passed 500 nukes.

Kronos has maintained an average of over 50k ns.

Kronos has passed a score of 7.

Most importantly we've passed 2 million TNS though :P

I'd just like to thank my fellow members of Kronos for making it an extremely fun time for me, and for providing the great balance of lulz and ubersrsbsns. You've been a great crew and I'm proud to fly the same AA as you all o/

Thank you all,


PS: www.cn-kronos.com

Be there or be square.

PPS: We're cocky my idols.

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This thread kicks $@!.

Also, notice how we have 38 nations in war mode, 0 in peace, and 39 total nations. ;)

It's that damn purgatory mode IAA worked out. -_-

Anyway, congrats on the stats, may you have continued success, Kronos. :)

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