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Hey public. It's not often that you see a straight-up MDP these days, but we thought we'd spice things up.

The InterNEATional Accords


In recognition of the long relationship, the bonds of trust, and the fraternity of intertwined history and common philosophy shared by Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism (NEAT) and The International (INT), these two alliances have decided to codify their feelings of brotherhood and solidarity in this Pact mandating Mutual Defense.

Article I: Non-Aggression

Neither NEAT nor INT will premeditate, declare, or prosecute war against the other signatory. Neither NEAT nor INT will spy upon each other. Nor will either signatory encourage outside alliances to declare or prosecute a war against the other signatory.

Article II: Communication and Intelligence

Should either NEAT or INT come upon or gather intelligence that has a bearing on the affairs or security of the other signatory, that information must be made available to that other signatory within forty-eight hours.

Article III: Economic Integration

NEAT and INT express their support for economic cooperation between and integration of left alliances.

Article IV: Mutual Defense

Both NEAT and INT undertake to defend each other should either be aggressed upon by an outside alliance. It is understood that an attack on one signatory is an attack on both signatories, and that the defense must be undertaken to the fullest capabilities of both signatories.

Article V: Cancellation

Should either signatory feel that any of the previous articles have been breached by the other signatory, the treaty may be canceled. Forty-eight hours notice must be provided by the canceler indicating the reason for the cancellation. Should Article IV be breached the Pact is automatically considered dissolved, and need not be canceled.

Signed for INT:

The Congress of the International

Signed for NEAT:

NEAT General Assembly

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The International has been great protectors during our reformation and growth period. We are honored now to have grown to such a strength that we can in return offer mutual defense in a time of need.

Cheers The International!

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Heh, I laugh in the face of those imperialist twits who would troll this amazing treaty. There's a good chance they'd get a contact high, in the process!

Cheers to Jellyboo for his simplistic style. Nothing wrong with going back to basics with making an announcement.

Vive de l'Internationale! Vive la NEAT!

Libertad o Muerte!

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