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Argent Announcement


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Hello, Everyone

Argent has gone through some changes lately. We have a new charter. I won't bore you with a lengthy announcement, so if you're interested in reading, visit here.

Anyway, onto a shorter and more interesting part. Along with the new charter, we needed to hold elections and fill some empty spots. Everyone, say "Hello" to your new Argent government.

The Very Honorable and Miserable Janax of Krymson, as Emperor

Mr. Irrelevant Himself RustyNail of Coercri, as Regent

The Indecisive and Influential iamthey of Swiss Empire, as Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Duchess with a Silver Fist Computra of Konstantin, as Minister of Finance

The Brutal and Frightening Warmonger anagent of Agentland as Minister of War

The Lovely and Charming claroqsi of La Recoleta, as Minister of Internal Affairs

The Smelly and Layered (like ogres, I swear) Onion of Onion, as Minister At Large

Last and most certainly least,

The Unimaginative and Dull Raholia of Alagashia, as Minister of Communications

That's right. You'll be hearing from me from now on until they kick me out. :awesome:

Thanks for the time. Now, carry on.

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I would like to congratulate you dragon humpers on your newest successes and stuff. Go new charter. Also, )): Janax

Obligatory lolONYON

darn you for putting those images in my head (though I don't find it bad....oh dear, nvm :v:)

Congratulations to all of you! Though you let an onion into government? Really? how do you work without crying all the time?

:wub: Janax

:wub: Rusty

:wub: IAT

I wonder about that myself (maybe dragons have to use their wings to blow away the scent or if it gets too bad, they'd burn it :ph34r:)

congrats on the new gov. Argent, it's looking very sexy and :awesome:

edit: missed an error

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