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Murder by Poison


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If either party breaks the pact, it is considered null and void treaty


Poison Clan (PC) and Murder Inc (MI) recognize their mutual love for blowing !@#$ up. It is in the spirit of this mutual love that this document is signed.

Article 1 - Sovereignty

Both signatories shall remain sovereign entities. Both parties recognize violations of this article may result in an immediate cancellation of this document by the affected party.

Article 2 - Non Aggression

While both alliances agree that they like blowing !@#$ up, the also agree not to blow up the others !@#$.

Article 3 - Intelligence

PC and MI are required to share any and all intelligence gathered that could be a potential security risk for either signatory as soon as possible without hesitation.

Article 4 - Mutual Defense

A. If either party finds itself in a state of defensive war with another alliance, the other party will consider this an attack on them as well and will respond with their full military and political powers.

B. The above clause does not apply if either of the two friends is attacked because of a war launched offensively by that signatory. Assistance in such a scenario would be entirely at the discretion of the other signatory and not to be expected.

Article 5 - Optional Aggression

If either alliance needs to send someone a "message" they must inform the other party 48 hours in advance. While it is encouraged that the other alliance help them out, it is not required.

Article 6 - Cancellation

If both parties decide that they can't be friends anymore, 72 hours shall be given before this treaty can be considered null and void.

Signed for Poison Clan,

Syrik - The Snake

Pooks - The Centipede

CitizenKane - The Computer

Han Fei Zi - The Komodo Dragon

Velocity111- The Esper

Boogeyman657 - The Trout

Mushi - The Jellyfish

Banslam - The Platypus

Signed for Murder Inc.,





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Well, it's a good match I suppose.

OOC: You may want to fix the bbcode there, you have [ b] after the Optional Aggression line instead of [/ b] (without the spaces of course).

Glad ya like it...

OOC: thanks

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