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Protectorate Agreement


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The Kurultai

A protectorate agreement by and between Invicta and The Huns


The word "Kurultai" means a meeting of political and military leaders, usually of Mongol and Turkish origin. The word, literally, means "to be established". As per the desire to build up a new friend, Invicta and The Huns agree to the following terms of protection.

Article One: Sovereignty

Invicta recognizes The Huns as a sovereign alliance. As such, Invicta and The Huns respect each other's sovereign territories and commit to mutual development of one another's alliance. Additionally, The Huns respect the goals of Invicta's allies in the Purple Sphere and agree to not attack any nation on Purple Sphere without a valid reason, presented in advance.

Article Two: Protection

The Huns are under the protection of Invicta. Invicta agree to defend The Huns in the event The Huns are attacked without provocation. Invicta and The Huns agree, however, to consider pursuing a diplomatic resolution before committing military resources to a response. The Huns reserve the right, but are not obligated, to come to the aid of Invicta should Invicta become involved in conflict. Intervention may also be rendered in the form of diplomatic support, financial aid, and public statements of support.

Article Three: Tech Deals

The Huns agree to participate in tech deals with Invicta nations, with assistance from Invicta’s finance personnel, on Invicta's forums.

Article Four: Adviser

Invicta shall dispatch from its government an adviser to assist in the development of The Huns. The adviser shall act as Invicta’s ambassador and facilitate communication between the two governments.

Additionally, all treaties proposed to or by The Huns mandating mutual defense or stronger stipulations must receive approval from Invicta government prior to going into effect, by way of the signature of the adviser and either the President, Vice President or Chief of Staff of Invicta.

Article Five: Evaluation

This pact shall last for 90 days, after which time Invicta and The Huns shall review this treaty. A ten-day grace period shall exist during the review, after which this treaty expires and a new treaty shall come into effect, if one is agreed to. Should either side wish to end this pact within 90 days, advance notice of 72 hours is required.

Signed for Invicta

Jorost of the Triune Republic, President

Signed for The Huns

The Great Khan of the Huns Alliance Genghis Khan II

Edited by Jorost
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Genghis. I tried to get you to expose your Inner Tiger, but you just let me down. Even after I gave you all of that Loot to bring out said Tiger, You act like a cute Kitten.

Cute Kitten stage should be over now. Thread needs more pillaging.

i don't care, i don't like getting picked on.........

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I hope someday someone called Attila forms a Mongol alliance. Will Invicta protect that too?

As has been stated above, I would not want to be the guy in charge of advising protectorates at Invicta. Back in my day, you didn't just sign protectorates with any alliance.

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