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Announcement from the Soviet Union

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I'm proud to announce that the Soviet Union has signed a Treaty of Friendship with the Socialist Workers Front. Both parties see this as a good start towards future relations.

Treaty of Friendship

July 1, 2009

Treaty of Friendship Between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and the Socialist Workers Front

The Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and the Government of the Socialist Workers Front,

Desirous of maintaining the bonds of peace and friendship traditionally existing between the people of the Soviet Union and the people of the SWF.

Acknowledging that the Soviet Union and the people of SWF have agreed to a mutual respect and friendship.


The Government of the Soviet Union recognizes the peaceful status of the SWF and the Government of the SWF recognizes the peaceful status of the Soviet Union.


The two Governments, in the spirit of friendship existing between them, shall consult together on matters of mutual concern and interest in time of need, and, in particular, to promote social and economic development, peace, and security in the Cyberverse


The two Governments recognize the interest of their peoples in close cooperation for their mutual benefit in development mutual interest. The two Governments agree to consult directly, and/or through appropriate regional organizations to which both parties, regarding matters relating to the possibility of threats by mutual enemies and economic concerns.


The Governments of the Soviet Union and the SWF will use their best efforts to encourage cooperation between the two alliances in protecting mutual interest by both parties and to secure a long lasting trust and friendship.


This Treaty can be terminated at any time by either alliance if either one violates the treaty.

(A) Either party doesn’t share information regarding mutual interest or information which concerns a common threat or enemy.

(B) One or both parties mutual agree that the treaty is no longer a benefit to their peoples.

/signed on behalf of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic/

Pretor: Velken

Prime Minister: Bubba The Great

/Signed on the behalf of SWF/

The General Congress of the SWF

Edited by Velken
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