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Argent Announcement

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As those of us with a democratic bent are often known to have, we recently completed our 4th set of elections.

Due to )): Poobah )): leaving us for new trials and challenges with our good friends and allies of IRON, and Rustynail deciding to take a little time off, we had some openings.

In a close election, where only 4 votes seperated the 2nd Council seat from those not elected, I present the 4th Argent Council:

Onion of Onion (he lacks imagination)

Raholia of Alagashia

Fuzz227 of Draven

In another close election, 56% to 44%, we have a new ViceRegent (aka, my right hand person). That person, in this case is:

Emperor Of Cheese of Stickers

Congrats to those who ran, and those elected. And a special thank you to those who have previously served, without all of you, we would not be where we are today.

In closing, the full Argent government

Janax of Krymson - Dragon Regent

Emperor of Cheese of Stickers - ViceRegent

Creag McLatchey of Diomede - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Deputy - Nimrodi of Nimrodicountry

AnAgent of Agentland - Minister of War

Deputy - none (was Onion)

Claroqsi of La Recoleta - Minister of Internal Affairs

Deputy - Computra of Konstantin

Fuzz227 of Draven - Council

Raholia of Alagashia - Council

Onion of Onion - Council


Sorry to disappoint those expecting other new members names on that list :awesome:

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Who is this unimaginative Onion?

I say peel him and fry him.

BTW for those conspiracy theorists this new council is in preparation for Reyne's ascension into power.

Or not.

Edited by Onion
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Congrats Argent! :D I see some great members. Sorry the Winnie the Pooh killer left.. (Poobah) and that Rusty is taking a rustic break.

But I am confident Argent will do well as always. :)

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