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  1. Thanks for the response folks. Mods you can you please close this. Gracias!
  2. You're right. I was trying to sell like a 30% chunk only to realize I have to sell them -100 at a time. Thanks all!
  3. I can't sell tech and neither infra until I pay my bill. Selling the offense/defensive doesn't do much unfortunately. Seems the only way to get out of this is to get aid donated.
  4. Last paid 170 days ago. Bill is $2.5 billion.
  5. My nation was inactive for a while (2-3 years) and now when I log in I can't pay the nation debt because I don't have enough and I can't collect taxes because I have a 100% penalty for not paying the debt.
  6. If anyone wants to trade with wheat/gold by all means shoot me a request and I'll accept. Cheers and glad this game is still ongoing. I started back in 2008!
  7. As the only one in Argent to be hung like a horse I approve of this.
  8. All those colors! Can you make this into an animated gif? Too bad you can't add techno music to the background.
  9. -20, -172 94% -19, -171 95% -18, -170 96%
  10. 56,-23 is currently 86% 53, -23 is currently 84%
  11. [quote name='Carlton the Great' date='17 March 2010 - 09:41 PM' timestamp='1268887632' post='2228992'] Congratulations and good luck. [/quote] o/ Argent o/ The Conclave Carlton...awesome avatar.
  12. 9.62241, -20.39063 = 50% Base Effictiveness
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