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  1. Onion

    Dragons riding ponies

    As the only one in Argent to be hung like a horse I approve of this.
  2. Onion

    Sparta Is A Joke

    All those colors! Can you make this into an animated gif? Too bad you can't add techno music to the background.
  3. Onion

    An Argent Announcement

    Stat padders are statting pads.
  4. Onion

    Moon Hotspot

    -20, -172 94% -19, -171 95% -18, -170 96%
  5. Onion

    Moon Hotspot

    56,-23 is currently 86% 53, -23 is currently 84%
  6. Onion

    Moon Hotspot

    9.62241, -20.39063 = 50% Base Effictiveness
  7. Onion

    Official Announcement from Citadel

    "Morpheus: I have dreamed a dream but now that dream has gone from me." - -- The Matrix Reloaded
  8. Onion

    Official Announcement from Citadel

    o/ Citadel o/ Argent
  9. Guess you would know the answer to that one. He can say whatever he wants. Reyne has been an excellent Argentine. She (and all) deserve second chances.
  10. That gives us a few days to raid for land and tech.
  11. Onion

    Official Umbrella Announcement

    o/ Umbrella!
  12. Onion

    The Fargent oSNAP

    Ossum...I was camping this weekend...don't remember signing this o/ Argent o/ FARK