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Turtle Warriors + BTA NS mark!

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The Turtle and the Warrior Pact


Many moons ago, there was an epic battle between two powerful creatures: Splash Woman and the majestic Blue Turtle. After eons of fighting, the two decided to set aside their differences and agreed to rule the seas together.

Article I: Peace

The Independent Oceanic Nations and the Blue Turtle Alliance henceforth agree to maintain in a state of peace with each other. This includes refraining from spying, encroaching upon sovereignty, and directly attacking each other.

Article II: Aid

Should either alliance be in dire need, the other shall assist in whatever way possible, including monetary or technological. Military aid is not required, though both alliances reserve the right to move to the defense of the other in a time of war.

Article III: Intelligence

Should either alliance come across information vital to the longevity of the other, that alliance is required to present that information to the other signatory.

Article IV: Cancellation

Breaching articles I and III can result in the immediate nullification of this treaty. Otherwise, a 72 hour cancellation period will be in effect when one party addresses the other the reasons for cancellation.

Signed for the Blue Turtle Alliance

Master-Debater Oracle

Signed for the Independent Oceanic Nations

Alexei Solstian, Thurokiir of Oceana

Stormsend, Mundokiir of Oceana

Ebony Wings, Azukiir of Oceana


Ide also like to take this time to say that BTA has reached 125k NS only 24 hours after being reformed.

Edited for Kia

Edited by Master-Debater
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