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Molon Labe would like to thank its... Enemies?

Melon Lube

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The thread title may appear to be an attempt at a joke, but its actually serious.

WarriorConcept of NSO caught wind that a family member of one of our members had passed away last week. An offer of white peace was made almost immediately from NSO. WC then took it upon himself to contact the two other alliances we are currently engaged with, MK and STA, and secured white peace for this ML member from them as well. All three alliances are to commended for their actions and we appreciate them deeply.

As I said in all three of their IRC channels, "we couldn't ask for better enemies".

For this we salute you.


Edit v 2.0: Thanks to the mod who fixed the title.

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It's nothing man, above all else we must remember it's a game. A person coming back from something like that doesn't need another headache on top of it.

Also shoutout to ML here, great fighters.

A lot of people lose sight of that, excusing it under the guise of being "IC".

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