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Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

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Imperial Decree

Tonight the wider CN world is at war, there are now two fairly clear sides, the self-appointed Karma and the New Pacific Order and her allies. This of course places Polaris in an interesting position. We hold only a few treaties, all of them MDoAPs, all valued equally (apart from the previously declared preference for STA). We find these treaties to be on both sides of the conflict and it is clear that the situation means we are left with only a few options.

I have considered our position carefully over the last few days. I have been clear from the outset that I do not support the agenda of Karma, I understand their feelings, I understand their frustrations, but having been bounced hard myself in recent times, I do not support the feeding frenzy, I will not support the trash talking, over-the-top rubbish I see being posted and I will not support the attempts to kill an alliance I am directly treated to.

On the other hand, Pacifica have offended many, they have made mistakes and I do not endorse everything that has been done in their name. They are an alliance that has been successful, they have played the game well but it is not for me to judge them, others have set themselves in that role. The other night I suspended our treaty to investigate what I considered to be serious allegations against them. It is important to point out that our strict obligations of defense under that treaty were voided when the New Pacific Order attacked Ordo Verde in the manner they did. The suspension had little effect, other than to send a clear message to Pacifica and the world, that Polaris values fair play, integrity and an ethical treatment for everyone.

The New Polar Order is not an alliance that is scared to fight, we value our pixels very little when compared to the strength of our friendships. I note that our allies Valhalla have declared war in support of their allies and so our treaty with them does not activate for that conflict. I note also that RoK has done likewise, GR is fighting multiple fronts for their allies, Genesis has declared war and I guess I expect some of our remaining allies to be fighting for their allies in a short while.

The tl:dr of all of this that given the nature of our treaties, Polaris is now largely free of obligations, but I will make our position very clear for everyone, lest you think we are neutral.

1. Polaris supports ALL her allies in this matter (including the New Pacific Order), we acknowledge that our allies are cast onto two different sides, due to obligations, choices and sheer luck.

2. Polaris reserves the right to aid any of her allies financially or militarily BUT pledges to commit equal financial resources to the opposing side of the conflict and such military as required by the situation.

3. Polaris will assist all our allies with diplomacy and use our best endeavors to ensure that this conflict stays focused on the issues at hand, is as fair and equitable as these things can be and that whatever can be done to resolve issues between various parties is done to the best of our ability.

4. Polaris has no quarrel with any alliance right now, we are not looking for a fight, spoiling for war or seeking any action against anyone for any reason, real or imagined. Polaris however will take exception to any alliance that attacks an ally without a treaty obligation to do so OR and otherwise valid CB. We will not hesitate to respond in defense of any conflict that occurs outside of the boundaries of this war. Bandwagoners, vultures and opportunists are not welcome to feed in comfort while others do the heavy lifting.

5. Polaris hereby removes the suspension of the treaty with the New Pacific Order.

6. Polaris gives fair warning to all of CyberNations. Any attacks on the Siberian Tiger Alliance will be met with the full reprisals of the New Polar Order. Do not want us involved, don't mess with the Tygas. Our treaty does not fully cover the dedication we have to each other, be aware.

My fellow citizens, the New Polar Order is uncomfortable in this role, I love war, we love to fight and we love to defend our friends. We recognize that many of you have gone to the wall for us in the past, you have but to ask for assistance and we will be there with bells on to help you. We will engage as I have decreed, therefore do not expect us to join a gangbang operation, do not expect us to kill for the sake of killing, if you need help, we will help.

o/ Polaris

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I don't understand.

Not surprising. :P

NpO is basically staying neutral due to conflicting treaties. Typically, that's the honorable thing per the custom and tradition of Planet Bob when an alliance has treaties that tie them to both sides in a conflict. For that, I salute NpO and AlmightyGrub.

But I have a question, what would NpO do if STA attacked someone and then was attacked in retaliation?

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