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Vanguard Edict.


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Vanguard Edict.

Declaration of War.

Yesterday, the New Pacific Order joined The Legion in the ranks of alliances daft enough to strike an ally of Vanguard. Our friends and allies, Ordo Verde, were attacked by the Pacifican military in the very midst of peace talks intended to avoid this conflict entirely. This is not something we can ignore. This is not something we can forgive, nor forget. Vanguard will rise up, joining with our close friends and allies, to strike at the very heart of the belligerent forces who sought this war only as a last desperate effort to maintain their hegemony. A hegemony that now is in its last pathetic throes of existence. This is no time for half-measures or restraint - Pacifica will be shown no mercy. Pacificans will face the fierce retribution that will take the form of Vanguardian soldiers, tanks, planes and missiles. Nuclear hellfire will rain down upon the nations of the New Pacific Order until we are convinced they have paid their dues.

Within the Hall of Vanguard stand rulers who took part in that glorious month in 2006 where the world united to check and reject Pacifican aggression. Within the Hall of Vanguard stand rulers who have witnessed the New Pacfic Order destroy alliances, decimate communities, and take sadistic pleasure in doing so. Within the Hall of Vanguard stand rulers who, while new to this world, have already seen the bellicose nature of The Order. And they each will spill Pacifican blood. We carry the spirit of fallen alliances of times gone by, and with each deft strike, we honour their memory.

We are the Vanguard of your destruction, Pacifica. We will have our vengeance.

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