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Announcement from the Socialist Peoples Alliance

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Not so long ago, The Socialist Peoples Alliance met an alliance called the Slaughterhouse Gang. The two alliances became very friendly. They hung out together, bought each other gifts, and ever laughed at each other’s jokes when the jokes really weren’t that funny. Needless to say, they were very close. Realizing their special bond, SPA suggested the two alliances become even closer. On April 10th the papers were settled on, and a merger agreement was formed and the Slaughterhouse gang merged into the Socialist Peoples Alliance..

Also, there were some government changes, the new government is as follows:

Party Chairman: Bobithy

Assistant Party Chairman- Bkberry352

Commissar of the Interior: Killerfett

Commissar of Foreign Affairs: bru1ser

Commissar of the Distribution of Wealth: Tarikmo

Commissar of Education: Evil Jesus

Grand Marshal of the Army: Derekj

tl;dr: look at the last sentence in the paragraph

edit: we also got a new flag

courtesy of imbored24470

Edited by Tarikmo
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