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We are now officially BFF


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The Sealand Accord


The sovereign alliances of the UINE and CBS bear witness to this agreement as formal recognition of the diplomatic relations that exist between them. The purpose of this agreement is to cement the good will of two friendly nations and to foster further growth of diplomatic ties. Both signatories recognize the legal nature of this document and agree to hold true to its articles and truths.

Article I – Sovereignty

Section 1. The sovereignty of the signing nations has priority above all other considerations. As such the signatories agree to respect the natural right to sovereignty of each other. Under no circumstance shall this right be infringed upon.

Section 2. Both signatories recognize each others right to govern themselves and conduct affairs within their territories without interference. Additionally any extra-territorial area considered within a signatory’s jurisdiction will be accorded the status of sovereign territory for purposes of this document.*

Section 3. All other considerations are secondary to sovereignty.

*The jurisdiction of a party outside its territory is any alliance, area or nation that is agreed upon by both parties on a previous date as being so.

Article II – Cordiality

Section 1. Dialogue between the signatory nations is to remain cordial at all times and bear witness to the natural right of either party to respect and dignity

Section 2. The signatories agree to allow for respectful diplomatic discussion reign over matters of dispute between them or over this document. Should either party believe that this section has been violated they may call a 7 day suspension of Articles III and IV pending bilateral diplomatic review.

Article III – Non-Interference

Section 1. The signatories agree that the diplomatic activities and relations of either party are not to be interfered with unless they violate the conditions of this agreement. A violation of this section will result in a suspension of this agreement pending bilateral diplomatic review.

Article IV – Intelligence Cooperation

Section 1. The signatories agree not to interfere with the intelligence activities of either party unless they violate the conditions of this agreement. A violation of this section will result in immediate termination of this agreement without reprieve.

Section 2. The signatories agree to share relevant intelligence information with either party unless doing so conflicts with other established diplomatic agreements between the parties or other nations. Should a conflict arise the signing nation is obligated to inform the other party that a conflict exists and a diplomatic review must be conducted.**

**Intelligence information considered relevant is any information that relates to any nation, alliance or diplomatic arena with which either party has a current diplomatic agreement, a former diplomatic agreement, is currently engaging in hostilities with, or may prove to be a threat in the future.

Article V – Financial Assistance

Section 1. The signatories recognize the right of either party to request financial assistance for the individual nations or their alliance as a whole. This request shall not carry with it any action belittling either party or any condemnation as in accordance with Article II.

Section 2. The signatories agree that a request for financial assistance is not a binding agreement, however all effort must be made, where possible, to provide such assistance as within the parties abilities.

Article VI – Military Assistance

Section 1. The signatories agree to recognize requests for military assistance in any conflict not of either parties design. This obligation does not extend to conflicts initiated by either party. In the former case, military assistance, within the means of the party, must be provided. Should a diplomatic contestation arise due to competing diplomatic agreements then a bilateral diplomatic review must be conducted within 48 hours of the request.

Section 2. The signatories are not obligated to provide military assistance if the conflict is generated by an external diplomatic agreement. In this case the request can be denied without a violation of this agreement.

Article VII – Amendment

Section 1. An amendment of this agreement, proposed by either party, must undergo a bilateral diplomatic review for a minimum period of 7 days. An agreement between the parties will result in the amendment taking affect after a period of 7 days during which the amendment must be made available to the members of both signatories’ alliances.

Section 2. An amendment may be nullified by either party within a period of 14 days after the amendment has taken affect. A nullification of an amendment will restore the amended portions of the agreement to their previous status. A nullification of an amendment shall not be used as grounds for termination of the agreement except in the event that a diplomatic review displays a negative or manipulative intention.

Article VIII – Termination

Section 1. The signatories agree not to terminate this agreement in haste and without diplomatic review.

Section 2. The formal termination of this agreement may only occur after a diplomatic review period of 7 days. Should either party support the termination of the agreement at the conclusion of this period then the agreement will be considered terminated after an additional period of 7 days.

Section 3. Should either party terminate the agreement prematurely or outside the formal process then that party will be considered the diplomatic aggressor. The affronted party will bear the right to take any diplomatic action it deems necessary.

Section 4. Should either party terminate the agreement prematurely or outside the formal process with the intention of initiating or fostering conflict with the other party or with any other nation or alliance with diplomatic ties to the other party then the affronted party bears the right to take any diplomatic or military action is deems necessary.

Signed for UINE:

Monarch: Keve69

Prime Minister: Mingmei

Signed for CBS:

President: KingemO93

Vice President: Lord Sir23

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(Sorry to bring this out of the wood works but i never replyed to it!

Busy with Family problems.)

Oh yeah............... CBS and UINE will be friends for long times to come!

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OK I dont even understand lol :P this is gravedig hahaha

Oh and for all of you out there it isnt an MDP, the world has enough of those already, (thanks for pointing that out NSO :P) this is a PIAT.

Maybe I dunno some of the wording is confusing, but anyways this does not give us ANY obligations to help CBS under ANY circumstances.

It only states that they may ask for help, which anyone can do for that matter. We arent: the common sense revolution for nothing! If one of our friends gets attacked we certainly dont need an MDP for us to consider helping out if we think its just. However, like I said above, nothing obliges us to do so!

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