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  1. Megabyte

    Upper End of the War

    I'm gonna give this another shot primarily because it's an updated stats thread which is useful.  2 conditions:   1) Keep updating it.   2) Try to limit discussion to upper tiers and bring your point back to this war.  I don't care if you give a history lesson, bring your point back to this war or don't bother.  More off topic tangents and the beatings will commence.
  2. Megabyte

    User Issue

    Which forums in particular? A quick glance doesn't give me any topics needing approval with the exception of the Moderation forum which is always like that.
  3. Megabyte

    Behind Enemy Lines: Life in Judaized Planet Bob

    What the gentleman feigning confusion are trying to impart to you is that this is an IC forum, so post IC. No Al Gores or US or inventing the internet jokes. Back to your regularly scheduled program. Further OOC posts get a Warn Level Increase.
  4. Megabyte

    Peace Mode Stats

    There is no peace for a mod. Title changed.
  5. Megabyte

    Who are the D#CKs of Cyber Nation

    Me. This thread has no possibility of ending well and has plenty of filter evasion to boot.
  6. Megabyte

    The common law practice of zeals

    *sigh* Joke thread is joke.
  7. Megabyte

    Farewell CN

    If you find evidence of cheating, [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showforum=20"]there's a place to post it[/url]. Not here. Considering the content of the OP and the thread, I'm shutting this one down, if you wanna say goodbye, do it through PM or IRC.
  8. Megabyte

    New CNRP GM system

    Effective immediately: 1) All GMs will be removed from their positions. 2) GMs will no longer be mod appointed, but elected from the CNRP community by the CNRP community every month. 3) GMs will be subject to impeachment by a majority vote of the community and subject to immediate replacement via emergency election. Pure and simple reasoning: Not many of the mods know much at all about CNRP, some nothing at all. It's none of our business to determine who and how your system runs, that's something that YOU guys spent your time and effort creating and something YOU deserve to have agency of. We generally won't meddle in your RP affairs and will let you decide who runs your community based on criteria YOU think are important. We will, however, continue to enforce the forum rules in the CNRP forums, so follow them. In addition: these are guidelines, if you feel longer/shorter terms are necessary, different voting numbers are necessary for election/impeachment, feel free to make those changes. It's YOUR system. Whenever you're ready, feel free to post an election thread, at the end of the election, post in RFA and we'll lock it for you to keep the forum tidy.
  9. Megabyte

    CN Wiki Feedback Thread

    To the OWF with you.
  10. Megabyte

    Been Gone A While

    There's an [url="http://www.cybernations.net/game_update_log.asp"]Update Log[/url] for a reason.
  11. Megabyte

    Where Have all the Nations Gone?

    This thread has become massively OOC and off topic, I don't see any benefit to its continued existence.
  12. Megabyte

    The Yellow Fiasco

    Posting for banned people isn't allowed. Unlocked for now, unauthorized rerolls
  13. Megabyte

    Some info on Dulra

    [quote name='jerdge' timestamp='1333540980' post='2948215'] Enough with the off topic. [/quote] You aren't kidding. Since the focus of the post is pretty much over and the last few pages are off topic, I don't see a reason to continue.