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Oh yes, we're going there

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The Canadian Alliance

Oh yes, we went there


Article I: The You-Need-A-Sense-Of-Humor Clause

Should any member of this alliance offend you in any way by this document, please see this page

Article II: Sovereignty Clause

The Canadian Alliance is hereby winner of all future races and wars and all things Cybernations and is retroactively winner of all past things Cybernations. All your base are belong to us

Article III: Food Clause

The Canadian Alliance shall determine all exports of Maple Syrup and Snow

Article IV: The Maple Syrup Invasion

The Canadian Alliance recognizes a state of peace with all alliance, and a state of war with all nations--As Evidenced by this anti TCA propaganda:

Article V: The Dual Membership Clause

Any nation may have dual membership in their respective alliance and TCA, the purpose of the alliance does not conflict with any other alliance.

Article VI: The Constitutional Anarchy Clause

Any nation may do what they want--provided that their dual membership alliance approves

Article VII: The Time of the Year Clause

The League of Small Superpowers wishes you Happy Early April Fools Day, if you don't get it by now....

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