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Three Years of Cybernations


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Damn, I knew this day would come eventually.

I've seen the rise and fall of alliances.

Three years ago today, March 16th, 2006, at 7:37 PM EST, I created my first nation, bros of LUEshida (back then, rulers could be four characters instead of the minimum of five implemented in July 2006).

I remember the end of the Citrus War.

ODNs oath was hilarious.

I remember Ivan and his rusty cars.

I remember Ivan posting an ASCII topic, with the LUEn-NPO NAP. Then Yaridovich replied with a serious, NPO-esque response.

LUEnited Nations would be three years old in two days, if we hadn't been destroyed by teh ebil NPO :ph34r: and their Dread Pirate Dilber :jihad:

I'd leave CN, but I am the Mushroom Kingdom's uranium whore.

And who else would try to get all of your alliances to convert to SMF? :D

Edit: Best.Topic.ID.EVER

It is a palindrome :D :D

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You just HAD to get palindrome didnt ya :P. How do you get those damn kids staying off your lawn?

And who else would try to get all of your alliances to convert to SMF? :D

Nevar hist101.gif

Edit: *checks*

My 3 year is tomorrow. Wowzahs.

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Hey, 1 month as Secretary of State is like aging 3 months. :awesome:

Hey, being Minister of Defense of LUEn during the "Cold War" (Period between GW1 and GW2. November-Right before GW2 when tensions were highest) was stressful >_>

We thought we were going to get hit like 5 separate times.

Positions I have held in alliances:

LUEnited Nations Co-Leader (Two and a half months)

LUEnited Nations Deputy of Defense (August/September 2006 to January 2006)

LUEnited Nations Minister of Defense (GW2 and GW3)

New Polar Order counterspy against ruben (like one week April/May 2007)

Mushroom Kingdom Minister of Intelligence (July 2007)

Mushroom Kingdom Castellan of the Keep/Board Admin (July 2007 to present)

I have been in:


Spied on GATO and NPO for LUEn :P

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