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Joint NEW and FEAR Announcement!

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Good morning to all of you!

While you enjoy the tasty coffee and bread, let me announce a happy news for white sphere alliances and other color sphere alliances, Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics and Nusantara Elite Warriors is simply improving their relation from just talking bit by bit in IRC between FEAR's and NEW's government members to having a PIAT where we declare that our friendship is real Elite and special... therefore after a brief discussion between government one by one we realize that we can be a good pair, to unite all white, to enjoy the prosperity together and to protect each other until death.

In honor to NEW-FEAR friendship, we decide to have a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact:


The New Fearless Pact

Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact


Nusantara Elite Warriors (hereafter NEW) and Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics (hereafter FEAR) are confirming the close ties of friendship and mutual respect we share through the signing of this treaty.

ARTICLE I - Non-Aggression

NEW and FEAR are obligated to desist from any act of violence, aggressive action (including spy attacks), and/or any attack on one another individually and/or jointly with other powers.


NEW and FEAR will refrain from spying on one another and will let each other know if another party has hostile intentions directed towards the other signatory.


In the event of an attack upon either signatory, the contracting parties agree to defend one another by all means available.

ARTICLE IV - Aggression

Though neither signatory is obliged to participate in conflicts initiated by the corresponding signatory; military and/or monetary assistance may be provided at the discretion of either sovereign alliance.

ARTICLE V - Ratification

This treaty shall be ratified by NEW and FEAR in accordance with their respective constitutional processes, and will come into force when announcements of ratification have been made via public announcement on both their respective forums and the Cybernations Forums.

Article VI - Cancellation

If either signatory wishes to cancel this agreement, 72 hours notice prior to the official cancellation must allotted, during which all articles of this treaty will be upheld.

Signed for the Nusantara Elite Warriors

gantanX - Triumvir

cyrus0321 - Triumvir

K1L1O_n1Mr4 - Triumvir

Marginali - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Fahlenfor - Minister of Internal Affairs

AMING - Minister of Education

blackorchid - Minister of Defense

kelvinlovedewa - Minister of Economy

Signed for the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics

Turetel - Chancellor

ClashCityRocker - Vice-Chancellor

bladegolem47 - Director of Education

Vespassianus - Director of Foreign Affairs

Denmark Resistance - Director of Defense

Sivart - Director of Finances

Nathanacus - Director of Recruitment

GodofMarines - Tech Guru


Hail NEW!

Hail FEAR!


P.S: We love you!

edit: wrong bbCode + sorry bladegolem47 - Director of Education lol...

Edited by Mr. Marginali
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