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Treaty Upgrade

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Some things just go well together; chocolate and peanut butter, pretzels and beer, milk and cookies. TPF and FEAR are one of those pairings too, so I give you:


The "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire" Pact


Article I: Non-Aggression and Friendship

The undersigned agree to abstain from aggressive military action and all forms of espionage against each other, and will maintain courteous relations in all public and private venues. All differences between the undersigned will be dealt with in private.

Article II: Aid

The undersigned alliances are encouraged, but not required, to provide economic and diplomatic aid when requested by the other signatory.

Article III: Defense

If another party takes aggressive action against one of the undersigned, the other shall provide moral, diplomatic, and military support as requested. Additionally, an attack upon either party shall give rise to an independent casus belli for the other signatory, irrespective of requested support.

Article IV: Aggressive Action

In the event that a signatory decides to take aggressive military action against another party, the other signatory shall provide whatever aid is deemed necessary, up to and including joining in the military action. The undersigned are highly encouraged to consult with the other before engaging in any aggressive military action.

Article V: Espionage

The signatories recognize that espionage against other sovereign alliances is neither honorable nor desirable; as such, the undersigned pledge not to engage in such activities.

Article VI: Sovereignty

The signatories recognize and respect the sovereignty of the other and agree not to interfere with the internal affairs or political independence of the other signatory.

Article VII: Cancellation

If either signatory finds that this agreement is no longer in their best interest, they may cancel the agreement with seventy-two (72) hours written notice, or immediately by mutual consent.

Signed for The Phoenix Federation,

mhawk, Hard Six Roller

Ayrrie, Phoenix Magistrate

Beernuts, Phoenix Magistrate

Desperado`, Phoenix Magistrate

Slayer99, Phoenix Magistrate

Wingwhiper Jr, Phoenix Magistrate

Great Lakes Union, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics,

Chancellor, Gaius Aurelian

Vice-Chancellor, Schmutte693

Director of Foreign Affairs, ClashCityRocker

Director of Education, Turetel

Director of Recruitment, Canik

Director of Finances, Vespassianus

Director of Defense, Lartize

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Lines on white being drawn.

Well, other than mhawks literal drawing...we only use white markers on white paper...so our lines look like the blank sheet to begin with.

But, now that we have united, FEAR stands no stance of evading the rolling from the lines <on the paper>.

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Well, obviously it is cotton candy ;)

I bow down before your wisdom.

I think the lines are starting to look like this...

With a picture that special, how can anyone think to contradict it. :wub:

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