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The Galactic Republic

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Announcing the Creation of The Galactic Republic

As Supreme Chancellor of The Galactic Republic, I am proud to inform you that we are now an official alliance on the White Team, and we would love to host an embassy from your alliance on Coruscant, which you can find at http://TheGalacticRepublic.net.

I am also pleased to present you with the Constitution of the Galactic Republic.


The Galactic Republic is an economic cooperation and mutual-protection alliance that believes peace, prosperity, and liberty are possible not merely for the few, but for the many.

Article One – Membership in the Republic

Section One – Immigration

Any nation in good standing with the universe may apply for immigration into the Republic. Upon application, prospective members may be subjected to questioning by members of the government.

To become a full member of the Republic, the consent of the Supreme Chancellor, Vice Chair, or any other proper authority must be presented.

Section Two – Emigration

Any member of the Republic may, if they so choose, remove themselves from the Republic at any time by creating a message in the proper area stating they intend to leave.

Emigrating nations may be required to pay back any debts accrued while a member of the Republic.

Section Three – Deportation

Members of the Republic may be deported by a two-thirds vote from the Galactic Senate, or by a joint decision of the Executive Government.

Article Two – The General Ministry

The General Ministry is made up of the Supreme Chancellor, Vice Chair, and all Ministers appointed by the Supreme Chancellor. Together, the General Ministry is responsible for handling the day-to-day running of the Republic. All Ministers also hold one seat in the Senatorial Council.

Article Three – Executive Government

Section One – Supreme Chancellor

The Supreme Chancellor serves as head of both state and government. He also serves as Chair of the General Ministry.

The Supreme Chancellor is elected by the Galactic Senate whenever a vacancy arises, and holds office until resignation or impeachment. During his term, the Supreme Chancellor is free to appoint and dismiss members of the General Ministry at his discretion.

In case of resignation, the Vice Chair serves as interim Chancellor until the Galactic Senate can elect an official replacement. The new Supreme Chancellor will appoint a new Vice Chair. The former Supreme Chancellor will retain the title of Adviser and will assist the Executive Government in their duties.

The Supreme Chancellor is the final word in all matters of government, both internal and external. As well as representing the Republic at home and abroad, he maintains the right to declare war on foreign powers in conjunction with the Vice Chair.

Section Two – Vice Chair

The Vice Chair is second in command of the Republic, and is responsible for the maintenance of the forums as well as holding at least one other position within the General Ministry.

The Vice Chair may act as Supreme Chancellor in his absence. The Vice Chair may not resign the Supreme Chancellor position, as that power is reserved for the Supreme Chancellor.

Article Four – Lower Government

Section One – Ministers

The Minister of Defense is responsible for maintaining and organizing the Grand Army of the Republic, for ensuring the security of all Republic members, and for leading the Grand Army during times of war.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for maintaining the Republic’s relationships with foreign powers, for appointing and organizing the Republic’s diplomats, and for representing the Republic on the world stage.

The Minister of Commerce is responsible for maintaining the economy of the Republic, representing its business interests, and ensuring that all members remain thriving and prosperous.

The Minister of Internal Affairs is responsible for handling immigration of new members, for maintaining the Justice system of the Republic and for ensuring that the Republic Capital on Coruscant remains up and running.

Section Two – Senatorial Council

The Senatorial Council is made up of ten members, and will be responsible for discussing and voting on treaties and other legislation, as well as serving the Republic in any way possible. The General Ministry will make up the first six positions, and the Galactic Senate will elect the remaining four members monthly. Elections take place two weeks before the end of the Senatorial Council term.

Section Three – Galactic Senate

The Galactic Senate is made up of all members of the Republic, and reserves the right to vote for the Supreme Chancellor and for members of the Senatorial Council, the right to expel members, and the right to debate and discuss all matters of the Republic.

Article Five – Amendments

All amendments to this document must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the Senatorial Council.

As well, we here in the Republic have signed a protectorate with our close friends at TOOL, the text of which can be found below.

The Coruscant Accords

A TOOL- TGR Protectorate

The undersigned representatives of The Order Of Light (TOOL) and The Galactic Republic (TGR) agree in all circumstances, unless certain conditions listed in Sections 2.3 and/or 6.1 and/or 6.2 come into effect, that TOOL and TGR will enter into the Coruscant Accords for creating unity and benefiting both alliances as outlined in the following.

Article 1

1.1 TOOL and TGR will show respect and good will towards the member nations of each respective alliance.

1.2 This will prohibit flaming and flame baiting on the CN forums but will not restrict healthy debate or productive disagreement.

1.3 Alliance leaders will be expected to alert the other organization party to this agreement should this article ever be infringed upon.

Article 2

2.1 TOOL and TGR will not conduct espionage or aid in espionage against any alliance.

2.2 Alliance leaders and representatives will be expected to alert the organization opposite to this agreement should espionage on either party be detected.

2.3 Active espionage shall render it void.

Article 3

3.1 TOOL commits itself to the defense of TGR through direct military action as well as, though not limited to, diplomatic, financial and political means.

3.2 TOOL may commit itself to support TGR in acts of aggression through direct military action as well as, though not limited to, diplomatic, financial and political means although it is not obliged to do so.

3.3 TGR may commit itself to defend TOOL through direct military action as well as, though not limited to, diplomatic, financial and political means although it is not obliged to.

3.4 TGR may commit itself to support TOOL in acts of aggression through direct military action as well as, though not limited to, diplomatic, financial and political means although it is not obliged to do so.

Article 4

4.1 TGR will order its members to vote for the TOOL candidate(s) (or other candidate(s) if TOOL so desires) for White Team Senate.

4.2 TGR will encourage its members to be on the White Team.

Article 5

5.1 TGR will be under TOOL's guidance during this pact, and therefore, TGR must have TOOL's approval before entering into any treaties, pacts, bloc or organizations during the duration of this pact.

Article 6

6.1 This pact may be canceled after 5 days notice, which must be received and discussed privately and in a diplomatic manner.

6.2 This pact must be reviewed every 120 days from the day it is ratified by both alliances.

Signed for TOOL:

Lord Captain Commander: GrahamKeatley

Hand of Executive Affairs: FeigelInc

Hand of Foreign Affairs: Mia

Hand of Finance: Gamemaster

Hand of Internal Affairs: Itsme

Hand of War: Dodoei123

Hand of Education: Locke426

Hand of Commerce: Anaxphone

Inquisitors: William Blake, Willem

Council of Light

Signed for The Galactic Republic:

Supreme Chancellor: New Frontier

Vice Chair and Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dementual

The current government of the Galactic Republic is as follows:

Supreme Chancellor: New Frontier

Vice Chair and Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dementual

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Jaym

Minister of Defence: Burger

Minister of Commerce: King Tower

In conclusion, I want to thank TOOL and our other friends across the Cyberverse for all of their help in getting us on our feet, and I want to invite you all once more to come visit us on our home planet of Coruscant. Or just come chat with us in #TGR on Coldfront!


New Frontier

Supreme Chancellor

The Galactic Republic

Edited by New Frontier
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Oooh shiny treaty with my name on it! Err... congrats and mess with TGR and face WB's pies. Um, yeah that is supposed to be threatening I think.

Anyhow, TOOL present! Glad to see more people join under our wings and looking forward to seeing TGR grow. Do not mess with TGR though or you will get a nagging female blasting in your ear and trust me, you will not like that. :D

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Congratulations TGR!

You already know how happy I am to be working with you guys. I'm glad you are one of our Protectorates, and I look forward to getting closer with you guys as time passes.

I am also happy you chose the flag I liked!! :D

You will achieve much with this alliance, especially with the determination you have already Shown. I wish you all Luck!

I'm sure I'll see you around!


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