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NADC Diplomatic Medals


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From the desk of the Press Secretary:

It is time once again to hand out only the famed NADC Medal of Diplomatic Excellence. Our previous recipients have been among the vanguard of diplomacy on Planet Bob, and the standard they have set is not easily arrived at, much less exceeded. Nevertheless, there are a few individuals who have done precisely that.

Today, we come before Planet Bob, to acknowledge those who have stood by the NADC, and those who have shown vast amounts of Diplomacy and Understanding towards our alliance. We have a gift for them, to thank them for all that they have done. These recipients have done so much for the NADC, and our members want to give you something as a token of our appreciation.

We are proud to award the following people the

Medal of Diplomatic Excellence


Dilber of the New Pacific Order

Russell07 of the United Blue Directorate

Celt of the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance

Wentworth the Brave of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Congratulations once more to all of the recipients of this prestigious award!

Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition:


Secretary General


Deputy Secretary General


Foreign Affairs Minister


Press Secretary

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Some of the best in the biz! Well deserved, all!

edit: among other perks, recepients get half ops at #nadc, Barkeaters will buy breakfast at IHOP, and recipients get their choice of Atlantica's famous escort service.

*que bass guitar*

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I forgot to say alot of nice things about the recipients.

Dilber - even by his enemies, his vast influence and diplomatic skill is respected. We are honored that he would use such substantial resources on our behalf.

Russell - AS one of the fine directors of UBD, Russell has worked hard to bring our two alliances together. It is a testimony to him that our alliances are so close.

Celt - MCXA has been an extraordinary loyal and gracious friend to NADC. This comes directly from excellent leadership, of which Celt has been a shining example. One year ago, who could have guessed that we would be where we are?

Wentworth - The North Atlantic is full of great people, and we have learned that such people are not unique to our alliance or our sphere. Wentworth has taught us this with a rare and refreshing professionalism.

You may recommence hailing.

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If I were very nice to NADC government, but was not allied to NADC, could I earn a diplomatic medal?

For you, I'd give you five a week. You're just that cool.

*high fives Schattenmann*

EDIT: awww... what the heck... c'mon over here, Schattenmann, you crazy fake vampire. Give me a hug and accept the NADC's famous, shiny, plastic medal.


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