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DoE of Assassin Order

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Assassin Order


Declaration of Existence

OH sorry, we just ran out of the free pies.

But alas, to the serious business.

The Assassin Order (-A-) is a new alliance loosely based around the ancient assassin orders from the Third Crusade time period. However, we are not a militaristic alliance, but one looking for peaceful relationships with the alliances of Planet Bob. We are not neutral, either, but a moderate alliance.

For More Information on us, please stop by our forums (still under a bit of construction) or our IRC, #AO on coldfront.net

Also, we are under protection by Rangarok, so don't go attacking our nations for fun.

Mustakrakish II, Al Mualim

Edited by Mustakrakish II
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Cool, welcome to planet bob.

ooc: Correct me if I am wrong but that symbol came from Assassin's Creed, or at least is based off it?

actually, i found it on a picture taken of an assassin castle in the middle east somewhere...i think alamut

and bori, its pretty, your just colorblind

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