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Wonder #10 choice awards.


Which wonder?  

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Disaster Relief Agency, Great Monument, Great Temple, Interstate System, National Research Lab, Pentagon, Social Security System, Stock Market, Strategic Defense Initiative

Just purchased a DRA this month and I'm pondering what my next choice should be next month. Either another economic wonder (Great University giving the most $$$) or another military one.

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Fallout Shelter System: Reduces odds of incoming aircraft attacks against your nation -25%. Reduces aircraft attack damages against your nation -10%. Allows 50% of your defending soldiers to survive a nuclear strike (Does not prevent nuclear Anarchy but does prevent troops from being totally depleted), Reduces tank, cruise missile, and aircraft, losses from a nuclear strike by -25%, Reduces nuclear vulnerable navy losses by 12%, Reduces nuclear anarchy effects by 1 day. Reduces odds of a successful nuclear attack against your nation by 60%, and Increases land size by 15%.

How can you fail with that?


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With 3000 tech a WRC will increase your damage by over 23% from before, 30% more to your base damage.

Sorry to go off on a tangent, but is it 5.6 or 5.8? The way I read that formula it is 5.8 I thought... :unsure:

WRC is very nice, but I had not thought of what it would do to navy costs, to be honest. That's more then a slight bump.

Edit: Looking at the results, I think people are teasing you; FSS is not the one I would pick. :P

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