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Hello all I am a veteran player comeing back to CN. My nation is Crimson Unity. Just made. So any alliances recruting? Looking for the best aid offers for new nations.

You are funny ... not in a positive way. But I guess there will be alliances willing to take you.

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To Own CN!

To Take it All and Give back None!

To have them Tremble at your Feet!

He, he.. all very noble ideals

Although you looking for an alliace with large start-up aid makes us suspicious (and sad because we dont give it). With you name you might try Crimson Sun Empire.. or for money try WAPA.

but if you really want to own CN (in a very long time) join us!

King Vitauts

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Oh, I am a vet and i do have a former allias. Ha yes oh hes a vet but he want best start up aid and money programs yes that base tells me the security of the alliance as well. They can build me up they can secure me. So I posted in the open alliance to introduce my self and I wanted to know if anyone was wantin to recrute. Yeah I am here to own on CN like I said. :) ahh back to the old CNers the raw community were they will pick the nitty gritty out of everything you do.

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